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Children's stories with mothers with cancer

Children's stories with mothers with cancer

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It is unavoidable. When there is a problem at home, be it emotional, communication, or illness, children know it, they feel it. It is not that children guess it, they perceive that something is wrong, despite the fact that many times they cannot understand it.

Diseases such as cancer, is an example of this. If it is difficult for an adult to assume a disease of this kind, imagine what it can mean for a child to discover or learn that a loved one, like his mother, has cancer.

In addition to having to face the disease, parents will have to explain it to their children. Psychologists believe that the best thing in these cases is not to overprotect the children, preventing them from knowing what is happening. The best thing is to make them participate in this new, although bitter challenge, and make them understand that they can collaborate in some way so that their mother feels better and supported by them.

Thinking about it, has put together three beautiful stories to explain to children what is happening with their mother, who is ill with cancer, and that you can read them for free through its .pdf, they just have to click on the title of each story.

Pepe told us

It is better to make them feel this way, than to ignore them and separate them from everything, which would cause insecurity, loneliness, and sadness. Furthermore, suffering also helps them grow. Considering that through children's stories children can better understand such difficult issues as chemotherapy, its effects and consequences, and cancer itself, the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), together with the Forum Spanish of Patients, publishedPepe told us, a book aimed at families and especially children of parents who receive chemotherapy, which tells the process of cancer and the impact of the disease with the members of a family. The cat Pepe, the twins Ana and Pablo, are the protagonists of this story. Pepe told us It can be purchased free of charge through the SEOM, by phone 915775281 or by email.

What's the matter, ... mom?

The author of this story, the psycho-oncologist Sonia Fuentes, wrote it to explain cancer to children with clear words and short sentences, from his experience seeing patients with difficulties explaining to their children what was happening to them. This beautiful story is an initiative of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM).

Mom's album

This story is more than a story, it is a companion that will help moms with metastatic breast cancer and their families to explain to their children how to face the journey through the disease together. It can be read at once or in stages, and adapted according to the needs of each mother and child.

It is an initiative promoted by Novartis, as a tool to help mothers with cancer. It has the endorsement of the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA).

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