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Calculators to plan your pregnancy and have your baby born in December

Calculators to plan your pregnancy and have your baby born in December

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What is the month in which you must get pregnant so that your baby is born in december? If you look at the calendar and adjust dates, you will discover that it is in March when you should plan your pregnancy so that you can hold your little one in December. But wait, do not stop reading that we still have much more to tell you.

Either for pleasure or because it is when it is best for you, the fact is that you have decided that December will be the month chosen to give birth. Is it possible to plan it so that it is? Of course! We present you three valuable calculators and we also leave you some tips that will be very useful. Let's see it!

We take a look at the calendar and then we see that your pregnancy should start in March. In this way, the first trimester of pregnancy will be from March to May, the second from June to August and the third will go from September to November. Approximate delivery date: December. You're going to be a mom! Nine months to prepare everything necessary with great enthusiasm and to enjoy from the beginning of this wonderful experience that is motherhood. They may seem eternal, but you will see how quickly they go by.

As we know as you do that not everything is so simple and that not everything comes out the first time no matter how hard you put in, let's introduce you to three calculators With which you will be able to know the most successful days to get pregnant with a boy or a girl. What color will your little one's eyes be? Do not stop trying the third calculator, you will love it!

- Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a boy
That the baby comes healthy is the most important thing, of course, but surely you cannot stop thinking about whether it will be a boy or a girl. It happened to me in my two pregnancies, so I fully understand that uncertainty that you notice within you and that it is so difficult to explain in words. Let me share with you this calculator, with it you can adjust the days in which to have sex to get pregnant and your baby is a boy. This period is 24 hours before or after ovulation, that is, the same day of ovulation or the day before. It will therefore be your best days to conceive and increase the survival capacity of the Y sperm, those that give the male gene to the baby.

- Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a girl
What if I told you that there is an ideal way for you to give birth to a girl when December comes? It is very effective and very easy to do, it is about getting the X sperm (the female) to win over the Y sperm (the male) and thus reaching the egg and fertilizing it. Schedule sexual intercourse with your partner 5 to 3 days before ovulation, that is, just on your fertile days in March. In a few months you will tell me if it has worked, what an illusion!

- Calculator to know the color of your baby's eyes
It's not the most important thing either, I know, but it's another thing you can't stop thinking about, right? My son has brown eyes, just like me; and my daughter you have them blue, just like grandpa. And it is that girls are more similar to the paternal family and boys to the mother. Check out this calculator, it is based on mixing the eye color of the closest relatives to determine the baby's, go ahead! You can't wait any longer.

They say the second trimester of pregnancy is the best, something with which I agree. The nausea of ​​the first few days is gone and the belly has grown but not as much as it will in a few months. That is why you you will feel very energetic and very positive. However, there are also a number of things you should know about the second trimester of pregnancy such as ...

1. It is normal that you have humor changes, hormones do their thing as your little one grows.

2. There will be days when you sleep like a groundhog and others that it costs you a world to rest well for a few hours at a time.

3. Your ankles may swell, especially if you are prone to poor circulation.

4. Did you think the cravings they were gone? Nothing of that! It may even give you to eat what you have never liked.

5. If you notice a hard gut from time to time, do not panic, it is another common characteristic of this quarter and also the third.

6. There are women who suffer from reflux, avoid fatty and spicy foods to alleviate it a bit.

7. Did you know that orgasms are highly recommended during pregnancy? We are also suitable for improving your mood and connecting with your partner, so if you are one of the many women who have more appetite for sex this trimester, to enjoy!

Christmas just around the corner, family reunions, the magic of December in its purest form and you with your newborn baby in your arms. If everything goes according to plan, It will be at the end of the year when you can say that you are already one of the family. Take advantage of the visits of your loved ones to take care of your little one and you can rest for a while. Needless to say, there is no stress with the preparations for the typical Christmas parties. It's time to take care of your little one and that they take care of you too, the rest of the things can wait.

Do not be afraid if you need time to be alone and postpone that visit from distant cousins, recovering from childbirth takes time as well as getting used to the new situation. Talk it over with your partner and support him. Raising the little one is a matter of two! Also tell you not to be afraid to ask for what you need, that they accompany you to your appointment with the midwife, that they prepare your favorite snack for you as a whim or that they give you a back massage to recover from another night without sleep. Tokens of affection are always welcome!

Congratulations dear mom, your dream has finally come true!

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