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Why do lice return

Why do lice return

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Although we mothers do not usually talk about the issue of lice among ourselves, of course, we take it easy with the pharmaceutical companies. Thus, the other day, waiting patiently for them to attend to me, in a queue at a pharmacy I met a desperate mother, who no longer knew what to do to end once and for all with the plague of lice that had infested her entire family . She said she had discovered lice even in the weak and still poor hair of her 20-month-old baby.

The effectiveness of treatments to eliminate lice depends on three fundamental factors. One of them is the active principle of the product used, since some have created resistance and the lice have become immune to some of them. Another is the repetition after 7 days of the indicated treatment with lotion and shampoo, and the third is the constancy in the revision of the children's hair.

None of these three factors should be lacking in the treatment of children's lice to be able to eliminate them completely. The problem of resistance is that some of the active principles, which have been used for years, have stopped being effective in some people and therefore, it is convenient to use other products with different components that achieve the purpose of eliminating head lice. Once for all.

The repetition of the treatment at 7 days is a key piece in the elimination of these parasites. And it is that lice have an amazing ability to reproduce, which together with the fact that pediculicide products do not usually eliminate nits, that is, eggs, makes it necessary to repeat the treatment after seven days.

It takes precisely seven days for one of those tiny eggs to hatch and, if any had remained without detaching or without being dragged by the frog, it is time to influence the treatment.

The acetic acid present in pediculicide products acts on the hair, releasing the glue used by the female louse to adhere her nits to the hair and thus guarantee its survival. Once they are loose, the nits are easily removed by combing the hair in different directions with the finder.

Finally, it is very important to be very heavy with hair revisions to end pediculosis. The early detection of lice as a preventive treatment and the use of the nitrile on a daily basis, especially in the days after the application of the treatment, is essential to end the infestation not only in children, but in the whole family. And do not forget to wash sheets, pillows, cushion and sofa covers, caps, hats, hoods and, in general, all those garments that may in some way come into contact with the hair in hot water.

If you want to know more about lice, we have prepared a series of lice and head lice videos with an expert who will give you a lot of information about what they are, how to prevent them and how to treat them.

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