Neonatal acne, the pimples on the skin of the newborn that scare parents

Neonatal acne, the pimples on the skin of the newborn that scare parents

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When the baby is in the mother's belly, the little one is protected from environmental factors that can alter its skin or body. In general, at birth, their skin is exposed to agents that can favor the appearance of some lesions that come to worry parents a lot and, among these, is the so-called neonatal acne, technically known as neonatal cephalic pustulosis.

He neonatal acne They are red bumps or bumps (comedones), called "fattening" that appear on the face and scalp of the newborn, usually appearing after the third week of life. During the first month, 20% of newborns develop them. These pimples can be closed (pustular whiteheads), more frequent at this age, and open (blackheads), more frequent in infants and adolescents.

1. Why does neonatal acne occur?
The cause is actually unknown, but some research has attributed it to:

- Placental transfer of maternal androgens (hormones).

- Hyperactivity of the Adrenal Glands of the newborn.

- Placental transfer of some medications (Lithium, Hydantoin) ingested by the mother.

- Proliferation of commensal fungi on the skin.

2. How does it evolve?
Neonatal acne is overcome in weeks or months, spontaneously, since its lesions evolve on their own, without the need for medical treatment, most of the time.

3. How is this skin lesion diagnosed?
A diagnosis of neonatal acne when observing in a newborn the presence of red bumps or bumps (fattening) and / or white spots (pustular) in the area of ​​the face and scalp, from the third week of birth and that disappear spontaneously without leaving marks, something that usually worries parents a lot.

4. Can there be complications from neonatal acne?
In fact, it is something benign, which very rarely has complications and, when there are, they are mostly infectious, due to poor management or neglect of the primary lesions. It usually does not leave scars or marks on the baby's face, as they are superficial injuries.

5. Is there any treatment to cure these pimples in the newborn?
Usually the neonatal acne It does not have specific medical treatment, since they are lesions that evolve spontaneously, a few weeks after they appear. In the event that they persist or become complicated, you should consult your pediatrician, who will make the most appropriate decision according to the cause or origin of the complication (steroid, antibiotics or topical or oral antifungals).

6. The best advice for parents in this situation
Although sometimes it causes a lot of anguish in parents, because it is especially on the baby's face, they do not have to stress, since as we have said they are benign lesions that disappear quickly and spontaneously. Here are some tips:

- Avoid kissing or touching the baby's face, as this could be a predisposing factor for neonatal acne or probable infectious complications, caused by germs from the oral cavity or contaminated hands.

- Do not pinch or try to remove the pimples, as it would be a risk for complications or to leave marks (scar lesions) on the baby's face.

- Wash your face with clean water (filtered or drinkable) and neutral soap.

- Do not self-medicate.

- Consult with your pediatrician, who will guide you and make the most appropriate pertinent decision and, above all, you will solve all the doubts you may have about the neonatal acne.

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