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12 names for girls that were surprisingly originally for boys

12 names for girls that were surprisingly originally for boys

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We know that names have a particular origin, from which their meaning derives. However, there are many meanings of names that vary over time. Did you know there are some names for girls that were originally for boys? What you read! In we have made a small compilation of some of these names.

Names for girls always evoke sweetness, security, strength and an undeniable femininity. Naming the new princess of the home is a magical event (as much as naming the prince) that causes indescribable sensations in both parents. Did your parents ever tell you how they chose your name? In my case, it was a combination of my maternal grandmothers, as a symbol of his love and appreciation for them.

Nowadays it is very common to meet girls with names that formerly could belong exclusively to men or, at least, its masculine origin was more common over the feminine origin. Either because they did not dare to use it or because it was not common to place that feminine touch on the masculine. However, as a curiosity I tell you that, for example, in Russia the father's name is used for the second name for girls, as a way to honor the father or grandfather. In such a way that Alexey ends up as Alexeyevna.

Later this practice was carried out in the rest of the countries, until reaching the present day where we can give a special symbolism and even make them more popular than its masculine origin.

Take a look at the following list. Contains examples of names for girls that were popular as boy names.

  1. Augusta: A powerful name that comes from the Roman Emperor Augustus. The first term with a feminine touch in the masculine of his name, became known after the buildings of several cities under his mandate. It means 'that it deserves to be revered'.
  2. Rafaela: It comes from the masculine name Rafael and means 'The gift of God'. It is very likely that you have heard him before by the name of the Archangel Saint Raphael.
  3. Emilia: From the masculine origin Emilio, from the Latin ‘Aemilius’ which means ‘the one who makes an effort to work’ and also has a Greek origin such as ‘The one who is kind’.
  4. Mackenzie: It is a name mostly used in English-speaking countries. This is a name that was originally popular for boys which was later taken over by mothers to turn into names for girls. Its meaning is Irish and Gaelic as 'born fire' or 'son of the wise ruler'.
  5. Dylan: Another name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means 'son of the sea' but that we can find in different parts of the world and again another name of masculine origin, which is now also used as a name for girls.
  6. Micaela: A very popular name in Ibero-American countries, although we can find its English equivalent as Michaella or Michelle. It comes from the masculine origin Michael (Miguel), which means "God is just" or "no one like God" in Hebrew.
  7. Wilhelmina: This name has a very special Germanic symbolism, which is "he who has will and decision" or "he who protects." Although it has its popular masculine origin as Guillermo, it is increasingly common to hear this as names for girls.
  8. Allison: Although we have commonly heard this as a girl's name, it was actually extremely popular as a boy's name. Its origin is not entirely clear, but its meaning is: ‘noble and light’ and ‘the woman who offers security’
  9. Mariana: Another name for girls that we have generally heard as feminine, but its masculine variant of Mario or Mariano was very popular in the 1990s and is still valid today. It is of Latin and Hebrew origin and means "she who is good and merciful."
  10. Ariel: A name with special symbolism from The Little Mermaid movie. This is used for both girls and boys. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'the Lion of God'
  11. Julia: Surely you have heard the name of Julio Cesar, because that is the origin of this powerful name with special symbolism. It comes from the Latin ‘Lulius’ and means ‘Consecrated to Jupiter’
  12. Lioness: It is a very powerful name, which comes from the Latin male origin León and means ‘brave as a lioness’ referring to the queen of the jungle. It is also the name with the most known variants, including: Leonissa, Leonor, Lenia or leondra.

Do you have a special symbolism for your little girl's name? If you don't have it yet, don't worry, these options for girls will surely inspire you.

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