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Children with Asperger syndrome they tend to have more difficulty communicating when they go to school or when they are in a social environment other than their home. In order to share experiences, ideas and information about Asperger syndrome, many parents and specialists created associations, foundations and other centers to help them better understand the nature of this syndrome, and thus be able to help their children.

Thinking about it, has created a list of these centers, where you can find guidelines and recommendations on the education and health of children with Asperger's. And at the same time being able to share your concerns, doubts with other people who are in the same situation.

That attitude will not only help others, it will keep you more informed about Asperger syndrome. Through associations, discussion forums, and the experiences of other families, you will be able to learn much more about Asperger's. Here are some ways:

- Asperger Federation of Spain -

- Ángel Rivière Foundation - Spain -foundational

- Asperger Association of Spain- AAE -

- AMasperger Chile Foundation

- Chilean Asperger Syndrome

- Mexican Page on Asperger Syndrome Website made by María Oliveres and Luis Rafael.

- Asperger México A. C.

- Amar Association - Mexican Association of Asperger and Autism AC

- Fundasperven - Asperger Foundation of Venezuela - @superven

- UNAM Foundation - National Autonomous University of Mexico -

- EITA - Asperger and Autism Research and Treatment Team in Peru -

- Argentine Asperger Association -

- INTEGRAR Foundation -

- AVANTE Foundation - Colombia

- AM- Asperger Fundación Chile

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