Saula is special. Play to talk to autism children

Saula is special. Play to talk to autism children

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Acting out short plays is a perfect activity to do at school or even at home. It is entertaining, the little ones have a great time while letting their imagination run wild and the audience never ceases to be surprised by the abilities of the little actors. If a script is also chosen that transmits a value, the play will have a suitable end, that boys and girls can internalize this teaching in a practical and fun way. The theatrical representation that on this occasion we propose it will help you talk to children about autism.

"Saula is special" It is one of the tools at your disposal to achieve that children with autism integrate with their peers. And there are many things we can do so that our children and our students see this as something normal, know how to relate to them and create friendship as if it were any other classmate. It's time to enjoy this play! Don't forget to clap your hands at the end of the performance.

This play is intended to be performed with children at school or to do at home on the weekend. Its goal is to educate young and old about autism, to remind us that it is a disorder suffered by many children and that it is in our power to make their life easier with support, respect and understanding.

It is intended for a few characters but always can be adapted to add more and that they can participate when more actors better. It could even be performed with all the children in the class and performed in the school theater with the parents as spectators. How exiting!

- Work description: Once upon a time in a first grade class there was a very special girl named Saula. Why was it special? Well, because he had autism. Her colleagues always treated her as one more respecting her space. One fine day a new student came to school who did not understand what was happening to that girl who was behaving in such a strange way ...

- Characters: Saula, Adrián, Marina, Marcos and Carlota. Add as many characters as you want to complete the play!

- Place of action: a school

The curtain rises, the children are in math class.

Adrian: (doing the additions and subtractions that the teacher has sent) How complicated this addition is! I will have to try harder to get it right and be able to get out onto the patio on time.

Frames: (who is next to him and has listened to him) It is not that complicated, you just have to remember to add the amount you take to the units.

Marine: (who is also doing homework) I'm almost done. Hurry so that we can all go out to the patio together. Saula, have you finished?

Saula: (looks at his sheet with a worried face) No, I'm not done and I don't think I'll do it in time.

Marine: Don't worry, together we will help you and wait for you to finish to go out together.

Adrián and Marcos: (they answer at the same time) Yes! Don't worry, we accompany you and we all go out to the patio together.

(Saula finishes doing her addition and subtraction and they all go out to the patio together. Everyone goes to play ball except for her, who decides to sit on a bench with her colored pencils).

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The same characters are still on stage but this time they are in physical education class.

Marine: The teacher said that we have to make a team to play ball. Do you want us to join hands and shout together the name of our team?

Marcos and Adrián: (they respond at the same time) Okay, what a good idea.

Saula: (makes a serious face) I don't want to do that, I don't feel good if others hold my hand.

Adrien: Don't worry Saula, it's okay. Do you want us to play soccer or basketball?

Saula: (He continues with a sad face and leaves PE class). Nor do I like to spend a lot of time in the same place.

Frames: Wow, she's been nervous. Better to leave her space to pass it on. We are going to play while.

Saula: (After a while he returns to PE class with his paintings in hand). I'm going to sit on the bench to paint for a while, I don't feel like talking to anyone. (Instead of painting, throw the pencils in the air.)

(Marcos, Marina and Adrián see what their friend is doing but they don't say anything).

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Carlota, a new student, enters the scene. The children are seen in the class sitting on the chairs.

Carlota: (stands up to greet his new classmates) Hi everyone, I'm Carlota and this is my first day of class. I'm happy to be here but I'm also a bit nervous.

Adrian: Welcome!

Frames: Glad we have a new friend!

Saula: (makes a worried face). I don't want you to be here, I don't like new people, I'd rather you go. (After saying this he leaves the class).

Carlota: (makes a sad face). I don't understand why you told me that, if you don't even know me.

Marine: (gets up from the chair and walks over to Carlota). Don't worry, Saula is a good friend but she is a special girl and there are times when she does these things.

Carlota: Special why?

Marine: He has something called autism.

Carlota: (who makes a surprised face). Autism? What is that?

Adrian: (She also gets up and goes to the side of her companions) Well, autism is something that makes Saula special. For example, she does not like to be hugged, sometimes she plays in the yard with us and sometimes she wants to be alone.

Marine: (still standing next to his companions). Yes, and he also doesn't like new people, that's why it will take a while for him to want to meet you, but you'll see that in a few days he becomes your friend.

Carlota: Now I understand it better. I will leave her her space.

The curtain closes.

Saula is seen in the courtyard going around in circles. Carlota sees her and decides to get closer.

Carlota: Hello! Your name is Saula, right? My name is Carlota.

Saula: (He looks at her but says nothing and keeps turning, this time more slowly).

Carlota: You know? I'm a little scared, I just changed schools and I don't have any friends here. Would you like to be my friend?

Saula: (He stops pacing and looks at Carlota). I already have many friends.

Carlota: I know. How lucky you are!

Saula: Look, they're playing ball now. (She goes over to them and waves her hand for Carlota to follow her).

They leave the scene. The curtain closes.

Once again, the children give us a great lesson in accepting special people like Saula.

End of the play!

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