The cunning mouse. Children's short play about generosity

The cunning mouse. Children's short play about generosity

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Represent theater plays It is great entertainment for boys and girls of different ages. And, in addition, in the case of this script, it is a great tool to teach them different values. And it is that, sometimes, it is not easy to get children to internalize a value as important as generosity or to realize how important it really is.

What if instead of teaching them through words and speeches we do it with an entertaining play? One that they themselves will be able to represent. As if it were the educational story that you read aloud every night, with plays like these boys and girls they will discover an excellent way to delve into basic values. Here we offer you the script for a short play with values ​​entitled "The Cunning Mouse."

The cunning mouse is a script for a play designed to convey values ​​to the little ones, specifically the value of generosity. It is ideal as an educational resource for teachers, who can organize a performance with their students, but it is also useful for parents who want to read it together with their children and, why not, organize a family theater.

It is also created for four characters, so that they can interpret it in a simple and very entertaining way, but it can always be adapted to include some more so that more children participate. Are you ready? Time to enjoy!

Work description: Once upon a time there was a very cunning mouse, so cunning that he always kept the best things for himself and never left anything for others. One fine day the leopard arrives and decides to teach him a very valuable lesson to show him that he must share and be generous with others. Do you want to know what the lesson was? Well, the leopard made him see that it is of little or nothing to have many things if he does not share them and enjoy them with his friends.

Characters: the mouse (cunning and perhaps a bit selfish), the leopard, the gorilla and the ostrich.

Place of action: Jungle.

The curtain rises. The mouse is walking quietly through the jungle on a sunny day.

Mouse: (walks unconcerned) What a beautiful day today! I'm sure I can find something to have fun with while out on the road.

(Just at that moment there is a whole string of bananas that someone has forgotten on the way).

Mouse: What are my eyes seeing? Lots of scrumptious bananas that seem to have no owner! I'll keep them all to myself. They sure last me a long time! (Meanwhile, he puts them in his backpack).

(The gorilla appears walking on the other side of the stage).

Mouse: Gorilla friend, where are you going so crestfallen? Do you want to come for a walk with me? I have decided that I am going to go to the pond to have some fresh water.

Gorilla: I would like to, but I have to find some food for my family and myself before the sun goes down. Then nothing will be seen and it will be much more difficult to find something.

Mouse: (He looks towards the backpack, where he carries the bananas, but decides not to say anything) Whoa! Well good luck with your homework. I will continue in my footsteps. We will see each other another day.

The two friends say goodbye and each one continues on their way. The gorilla touches his stomach and makes a face of pain because he is very hungry. It goes fast. The mouse opens the backpack and eats a banana while going home.

The curtain closes.

The curtain opens and the ostrich is seen running from one side to the other.

Ostrich: What a shame I've been through! I have seen some humans a while ago and I ran away leaving the entire entrance of the house without sweeping. And now I don't have time because I have to go for stones to finish fixing the roof. (He runs hurriedly from one place to another).

Enter the mouse.

Mouse: (He approaches when he sees the ostrich so worried) What is the matter? Why all the fuss?

Ostrich: Look what happened to me ... I was so calm sweeping the entrance of my house when suddenly I saw some humans appear, I got so nervous that I left everything as is and I ran to put my head in a big hole not to be discovered. And now I am in such a hurry that I can no longer look for stones to fix the roof of my home.

Mouse: (Without the ostrich hearing him). I have nothing to do could help you but ...

Mouse: (Turning to the ostrich) Wow, I'm sorry! I was going to the pond to get water to take home in the pot, so I can't stop to help you.

He continues on his way with a mischievous smile and leaves the scene.

Ostrich: (He runs around looking for a solution) I'll have to hurry if I want to find the right stones before dark. Maybe if I look around ...

He comes across the gorilla who was still looking for his precious bananas.

Gorilla: Hello ostrich friend, what adventure are you in now?

Ostrich: Hello gorilla, how are you? I haven't seen you for a long time. Well look, I'm looking for the best way to fix the roof, and I also have to do it quickly if I want to get back in time to finish sweeping the entrance of the house. What are you doing? I notice you are hasty.

Gorilla: Yes, I'm in a hurry, I need to find bananas for the whole family. But I still have a while to help you find the solution for your roof. Do you want us to find the stones and the bananas together?

Ostrich: What a good idea! Let's do it!

The leopard enters the scene while the ostrich and gorilla seem to be looking for stones.

Leopard: Wait a minute, I have to tell you something. A while ago I saw the mouse pass by with nothing better to do, with a bunch of bananas under its arm. And he has not even wanted to share them and spend some time helping to look for stones.

Ostrich and gorilla: (both surprised) It can't be!

Ostrich:He told me that he was in a hurry to collect water in his pot.

Gorilla: And he told me that he had nothing to eat ... How is it possible?

Leopard: I think this mischievous mouse doesn't know what generosity is. Let's teach him a lesson.

All in one: Yes! Let's teach him a valuable lesson in generosity.

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Enter the scene the leopard eating a banana, the leopard with a bag full of bananas and the ostrich carrying some rocks. They are very happy. The mouse enters from the other side of the scene.

Leopard: How delicious is this bite!

Gorilla: And how good it is to enjoy with friends.

Ostrich: And these rocks are just what I needed to fix the roof of my house! We are also all very calm because we have finished all things on time.

Mouse: (Looks tired) Hello friends, what a joy to see you! What are you eating? I am so hungry! If there is room for one more I would like to join (he says with a mischievous face).

Leopard: Clear! Sit down with us, here we are all friends and we share what we have with each other.

(The mouse gave a good account of his portion and, seeing how good friends the three of them were, he feels remorse and decides to tell the truth).

Mouse: I have to tell you something.

Ostrich, gorilla and leopard: What? (They ask at the same time looking sideways because they already know the confession that the clever mouse has to make).

Mouse: The truth is that I have bananas at home and I also had plenty of time to help the ostrich look for the stones. But I found it more fun to just think of myself and do nothing for others. Can you forgive me? I will gladly share the delicious bananas.

Leopard: I also have to confess that I already knew everything, in fact, we sat right here for you to see how important it is to know how to share and learn the great value of generosity.

Mouse: How right you are! From now on I will do it differently. It is better to help, share and enjoy friendship than to walk alone in the forest.

The characters are happy. The curtain closes.

End of the play and some well-deserved applause!

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