Clear and without lying, this is how you have to talk to children about reproduction and pregnancy

Clear and without lying, this is how you have to talk to children about reproduction and pregnancy

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Children are naturally curious. As they grow, they understand and understand the world around them, although many times they have a lot of doubts and turn to mom and dad to solve them. One of the questions that are asked - and to which many parents find it difficult to answer - is the issue of pregnancy. How to talk to children about reproduction?

Around 3-4 years of age, it is common for children to start asking questions such as: "Where do babies come from?" This is mainly due to the fact that it is at these ages when they begin to notice that a friend is going to have a little brother or they are the ones who are going to have a brother or sister.

What can we answer to this? The first and most important thing is to reassure and make it clear that we are not going to traumatize our son by telling him the way in which people reproduce, but it is most likely that if we give him too much information, they themselves will lose interest. and they leave us with the word in the mouth.

Therefore, first, we are going to dismantle some "usual" stories about reproduction that are linked, more or less implicitly with machismo, and then we will learn to talk to children about reproduction and pregnancy.

- Babies are brought by the stork
This is a story that, to this day, is no longer told to children, but formerly it was the way in which many fathers and mothers saved the question as best they could.

- Why a stork?
Within the animal kingdom, the stork is considered the "super mother", because it is monogamous and prepares the nest with great dedication for years. And Pope? Are we already here to exclude it? Luckily, today, there are many super dads as well as super moms who also prepare the nest with great care.

- Dad puts a seed in mom
We could say that this story is somewhat closer to reality, but it is false, since mother also has "a little seed" just as necessary as father's for reproduction and this is a detail that we cannot forget.

For talk about reproduction to our sons and daughters, as to talk about anything else, the main thing is to adapt a language in which we feel comfortable, at the age of our sons and daughters, without lying, but above all that they see that, as with other topics , we are here to answer your questions, or at least to try.

If we intend to talk to our sons and daughters about reproduction, but in a way in which all people have a place, we will also have to tell them that there are different types of families and that for this reason there are families in which there is no father and no mom, but there may be two dads, two moms or a single dad or a single mom, and in these cases they have to seek help, since to have a baby we always need “two different seeds”.

Depending on the age of our son or daughter, especially at an early age, it is important to tell him that in addition to seeds there are affections, kisses, hugs, wishes ...

Some people, to explain reproduction, say that “when mom and dad give each other a big hug, a baby is born”. This explanation can lead the child to make a mistake and generate more confusion, since in addition to a hug there must be something else.

An initial question that receives your answer is likely to raise another question, and another and another ... Whenever we can, and know, the most important thing is to answer what they ask us.

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