Foot reflexology to calm the baby's crying

Foot reflexology to calm the baby's crying

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Reflexology or reflexotherapy is a technique used for years that, according to experts, enhances health and improves the regulation capacity of the human body. It relies on pressure on different areas of the body to relieve or soothe pain.

This technique is not only used in adults, experts use it in babies to calm the crying of the baby and alleviate the discomfort that may be caused by colic, constipation or lack of sleep.

Babies often cry for many and very different reasons, it is their way of expressing their disgust, discomfort or pain. Since they cannot explain what is happening to them, parents sometimes do not know what to do to calm them down.

We explain how through the massages of foot reflexology can calm the baby's cryingWhether you're irritated by teething, infant colic, or a cold. And it is that the experts give us a series of guidelines to perform a foot massage to the baby and thus reduce their stress and discomfort.

It is important that we perform massages when the baby is calmer and not in the middle of a tantrum or tantrum. As we show in the image, on the foot we will find 6 areas to massage depending on the baby's discomfort:

- Head and teeth: The tips of the toes. Massaging this area is able to relieve headaches or those caused by the emergence of baby teeth.

- The paranasal sinuses They filter, moisten, and cool incoming air before it reaches the lungs. A cold can inflame the sinuses, causing sinusitis in the baby. A massage of the center of the toes with gentle pressure can relieve pain.

- Chest: During a catarrhal process it is possible that the mucus reaches the chest producing congestion and cough, to relieve it, we will massage the pads of the feet, just below the toes. Again, we will apply gentle pressure and a circular massage.

- Upper abdomen: If the baby suffers from stomach pain, you can massage the central part of the foot because this area is connected to the stomach.

- Lower abdomen: We can massage this area of ​​the baby's foot if he suffers from constipation, heartburn or indigestion. It is located from the middle of the foot down. Again the massage will be done without exerting excessive pressure and doing it in a circular way.

- Pelvis: Massaging the heel area is not only good again for relieving constipation, but also for discomfort in the hips experienced by babies and children in times of growth.

- Solar plexus: It is the area marked in the image with the blue color, it is located in the midpoint of the pad of the foot. Massage will be helpful in relieving stomach problems.

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