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13 things for which mothers should not apologize

13 things for which mothers should not apologize

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There are words that should be forbidden in any mother's dictionary. One of them is guilt and the other is apology. And since we know that it is a difficult task because women have it too internalized, here I come to ask you to dedicate me five minutes. Get comfortable, take off your shoes, breathe and start reading the 13 things for which mothers should not ask for forgiveness.

The breeding It is one of the most difficult things a woman has to face. There is no correct formula or a manual to tell you what is right or what is wrong and, to make matters worse, society is full of creatures that not only hinder your work as a mother, but also make you feel that you are. making horrible. In this motherhood there are no winners or losers.

So today, with this post, what I want is to give you homework. That you print this list of things for which you NEVER (I write it in capital letters so you don't forget) have to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Friend, never again!

1. The arrival of your baby
Have you given birth by cesarean section? In a pool? With epidural? Did you adopt? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, great news: you have nothing to apologize for. You do not even have to explain or justify yourself, it would be missing more! Everything is fine, because there is no correct way to receive a baby in your life (all within the law, of course).

2. How are you feeding your baby?
We continue with the questions, this very controversial: Do you breastfeed? And do you do it in public? Ah, no, you are one of those who prefer to give the bottle. Don't even eat your head! Either of these two options are scientifically proven excellent ways to feed a child.

3. Wanting to be alone
Someone wants to pay you and your baby a visit, but you are still not recovered, do not shut it up and say so! It is a matter of expressing what you feel and in no case of apologizing. It is a moment, the postpartum, in which you must respect and set your own limits.

4. Not having lost weight
What if your body is still not the same as before? You don't have to be accountable to anyone, nothing happens! Respect yourself and let time put everything in its place.

5. Get everything messy
That today you woke up with little desire to do anything ... enjoy it! Motherhood is a roller coaster ride where we honestly can't have everything under control.

6. Register at your time
Leaving work on time is not and should not be considered an act of rebellion. You have signed a contract with certain conditions and they are to be fulfilled, in addition, you do not want your child to be the only one who is at the door of the school waiting for you with his teacher!

7. Not being sexy enough
You may not have had time to get ready today, because you just gave birth or because you slept badly after a night in which your newborn just wanted to be hooked on the breast. Today may be a special date for you and your partner (wedding anniversary, birthday ...) and you wanted to be beautiful and sexy, but it doesn't come out and that makes you feel bad. It is normal, but from there to having to ask for forgiveness there is a very long road.

8. Go to the pediatrician several times
New mothers have so many doubts that during the first weeks or the first months the health center becomes our second home. Of course, we always enter the pediatrician's office with the phrase "Sorry to bother you." Delete it right now from your head. They are there for children to grow strong and healthy and to advise us what is best for our child. If you stay more calm, they are happy to help you, which is why they chose this profession!

9. Don't wear makeup
With motherhood, women focus so much on our little ones that sometimes we forget ourselves and this can't be either, but what is certain is that if one day you go down to the park of your urbanization without painting yourself, I don't know! the world ends! Or is it that you work in front of the public or have you done a beauty contest in the courtyard? Remember that you are human and that not every day one gets up wanting to be perfect.

10. Not keeping your word
You said you were going to do something, but in the end something gets in your way and ... ruin this "good intention"! It's great if all of your parenting plans work, but I don't think I've ever met a person who had everything according to plan. (Imaginary babies are much easier to raise than real ones.) Don't apologize for it, just shyly smile and move on.

11. Say no
This can be very, very difficult, especially if you are a complacent person, but with a baby in your life I can assure you that you won't have time for everything you used to be able to do before: hanging out with friends, volunteering, attending family commitments ... There will be times when you will have to say no and others will understand, but there will also be other situations in which you will have to say no and others will feel bad. It doesn't matter what happens, but you can never feel guilty.

12. Having a restless child
It is clear that parents have to transmit to our children a series of rules to coexist in society, but there are things that people who do not have children have to understand. For example, when you are with the baby in line at the supermarket and he starts to cry or when he starts walking and does not stop running through the aisles. They are children, little explorers who are discovering the world!

13. Ask for help
We all (and all) need it sometimes. Perhaps, if we decide to stop apologizing for that fact, we will begin to learn that it is okay to demand some help at a certain time.

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