6 short and funny poems kids won't be able to resist

6 short and funny poems kids won't be able to resist

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There are children who believe that poetry is boring, how is it possible? In Guainfantil.com we have made a small compilation with short poems that will be very funny and funny to your children or students. In addition, we accompany the verses with games and activities that will attract even more the attention of the little ones.

This poem talks about a butterfly that seems interested in reading. This crazy situation will spark children's imagination, they will begin to fantasize. Ask your children what their favorite story is and suggest that they change the characters for butterflies. What would the story be like?

A white butterfly

in my hand it has settled,

after reading my story

from my notebook has flown.

Who has he told?

I receive it with surprise

happy come back to the moment

and in my notebook he sits

Could it be that you like the story?

Below you can read a poem starring a friendly squirrel. These animals, with their games and their mischievous faces, are very adorable for all children. After reading this short poem it is very likely that you want to know more about this rodent. You can do research on the Internet, in encyclopedias, in children's stories ... And then you can draw this squirrel that looks out to sea.

I have discovered a squirrel

on top of a rock,

that very still looks at the sea

opening your mouth wide.

And although he always lives here

and his house is on the rock,

does not get tired of the landscape

The same thing happens to me!

How dangerous it is not to know geography! Be very careful or it could happen to you just like these funny snails! This poetry is the perfect excuse for children to learn about the different countries of the world. Show them on the map where Finland is and where Benidorm is. They sure laugh at the snail's mistake!

He took a plane to Finland

without knowing geography,

and the frozen snail

he repented the next day.

An applied snail

went to live in Benidorm

studied geography

and found sun and heat.

And it was much better!

The confusion of this wasp and the fact that it has a more intelligent shadow will be a lot of fun for the little ones in the house. In addition, this poem will encourage you to try the shadow game. To enjoy it, you just need to turn off the light and turn on a flashlight. Use whatever you find around the house to make animal shadows. Will you be able to guess what the shadows that the other participants in the game do represent?

A clueless wasp,

fell into a watering can,

but its smartest shadow,

looking he stayed outside.

The very determined shadow,

alone she wanted to go flying,

but did not find the wings

and could not leave

And the warm wasp

while the shadow in winter

was waiting outside.

Can you imagine a horse with skates? Well that is precisely what he proposes this four-stanza poem. When you finish reading it (and laughing at the adventures of wheeled horses) you will have no choice but to try skating yourself. You will have a great time!

A very black horse

it has glistening manes,

and gallops very happy

with four white skates.

Pirouette in the air

demonstrating their skill,

other horses look at it

with envy and with surprise.

How much fun

and he has such a good time,

mares and horses

they also want to learn.

Create a school in the field,

there he has made it fashionable,

the horses with skates,

is what it takes now.

In this poem, an impromptu concert is mounted on the beach. Do you want to go too? A violinist is playing! Take the opportunity after reading this poem to teach your children how the violin sounds. They will be amazed!

Two crabs were walking

by the sand on the beach

and they saw a violinist

that he tried on a stone.

They stopped to listen to it

because he played very well,

two conches arrived

and they stayed too.

A seagull, an albatross,

all together clapped,

and they left later.

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