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Children's breakfast

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He kids breakfast It should be the most important meal of the day. A balanced breakfast for children is made up of milk, fruit or juice, and carbohydrates. According to data from the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption, only 7.5 percent of Spanish children eat breakfast correctly.

Approximately 20 percent of the child and youth population only drink a glass of milk, while 56 percent only accompany the milk of a product that contains carbohydrates. Half of those children spend less than 10 minutes eating breakfast.

In short, children's breakfast is far from ideal. Spanish children eat breakfast badly, which implies, according to nutrition experts, an increase in childhood obesity in most cases. Breakfast is, according to nutritionists, one of the most important meals of the day. It must account for at least a quarter of the nutritional needs of children.

When children do not eat a good breakfast, they do not have the energy and vitality to face the physical and intellectual effort that school activities demand of them. In addition, an inappropriate breakfast will make children feel, in the middle of the morning, the need for a great energy intake, which they can surely find in products with a high sugar and fatty acid content, such as industrial pastries and other similar products that They are directly related to the growth of overweight and obesity rates during childhood, due to their high caloric content.

On many occasions, due to lack of time, haste and delays, some families do not give their children breakfast at home. They are forced, due to circumstances, to take their children to school earlier and many have breakfast on the way. Another alternative is breakfast at school, which is getting more and more careful every time.

In most schools, the menu is controlled by nutritionists, which means that the service can be trusted. For parents who have more time at home, the ideal and adequate breakfast should be varied in foods that contain the necessary nutrients:

  • Dairy products: milk, yogurt and / or cheese
  • Carbohydrates: cereals, cookies, bread.
  • Fats: olive oil or margarine
  • Vegetables: fruits or juices
  • Others: jam, ham or turkey, honey ...

When breakfast provides at least 3 of the foods mentioned above, it will surely help children to have more energy and strength to develop school activities. Another way to reinforce the energy supply necessary for the children's day to day is use cocoa powder at breakfast.

Everything is a matter of habit. If, from an early age, children get used to having a good breakfast, their body will get used to this habit, and it will demand a good breakfast every day, and they will feel satisfied. Thus the family will be preventing what is today a global concern for nutrition experts: childhood obesity. offers ideas and proposals for easy and simple recipes for children to make and enjoy a good breakfast.

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