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Recipes for the full menu of pregnant women

Recipes for the full menu of pregnant women

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Food is always very important, but in pregnancy it is vital for the development of the baby, so you have to take special care with what you eat. It is best to organize a complete menu with some of these recipes.

The organization in the diet is key during pregnancy, when the fetus needs different nutrients that must be incorporated, depending on the month. During the first few months, for example, folic acid is needed to prevent spina bifida.

Iron, vitamin C and B12 or calcium (to strengthen bones in the last months of pregnancy) should also be taken into account.

Pregnant women gain approximately one kilo of weight per month, but do not overindulge or abuse fats and sugars that can cause obesity. It is also advisable to avoid certain foods such as sausage or undercooked meats, which can cause toxoplasmosis, or certain fish that contain mercury.

The diet in these months should be varied and contain the main food groups. It is convenient to divide the meals throughout the day, making five instead of three better and reducing the amount in each of them, thus avoiding heavy digestion and constipation.

We offer you a complete menu with light and healthy recipes that will provide everything the future mother and her baby need throughout the day.

Menus with recipes for pregnant women

Breakfasts and snacks. Pregnancy changes the nutritional needs in the diet, so we propose the best recipes for breakfast and snacks, so that pregnant women have a complete diet. We give you some quick and easy recipes for breakfast and a snack during pregnancy.

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Dinners for pregnant women. Selection of light dinner recipes for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the woman has to adapt her diet, so we offer you some recipes to prepare a light and nutritious menu for dinner. Some easy, fast and simple recipes to prepare for those who have little time or need a diet.

And if you also want a healthy Christmas menu for pregnant women, here it is.

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