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Spring menu for underweight children

Spring menu for underweight children

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A low weight should not be confused with the child's constitution, as there may be very well nourished and thin children, while we can find an obese and malnourished child. You also have to take into account that there are children whose body is genetically predisposed to low levels of fat and that, no matter how much they eat, their body will be slim and lean. As we know that your child's diet worries you, we are going to give you a hand. We have configured what the spring menu for underweight children.

The percentiles bring parents upside down: if the child is within the average, if he is shorter, if he does not take the appropriate weight. Whether a child is underweight or does not gain the weight established by the statistics may or may not be a problem, it all depends on the cause of it!

- Genetic factors
Own the origin of the family, therefore the best thing would be to observe ourselves. I'm thin? How tall am I? How did I behave when I was little in front of food? That can give us some clues as to whether the child's constitution is like this because we are. In addition, it will be one of the first things that the pediatrician will evaluate in consultation.

- Environmental factors
The family environment, as indicated in the report carried out by the Argentine Society of Pediatrics under the name 'Institutional thinness', is key in the development of children's eating behaviors. And it is that, once again, we are the mirror where our children look. What we eat, they will eat. That is why it is very important to establish healthy eating habits even from the time our little one is in the mother's gut, to educate his palate from the beginning of everything.

- Psychological factors
The child's mood can lead to a rejection of food or a reduction in appetite and can become a reason why the little one does not gain weight. Ask him how he feels (perhaps the environment at home has changed and may be affecting him), find out if everything is going well at school or in high school (he may be suffering bullying or bullying) or how is his relationship with his classmates (for Unfortunately, bulimia and anorexia disorders start at younger and younger ages.)

- Biological factors
In developed countries this problem does not exist, but in places of extreme poverty there is a great shortage of food and the low weight of the child can be due, in most cases, to malnutrition.

The pediatrician will evaluate the physical condition and mood of the child and determine what may be the cause. He will probably order some type of medical test, such as blood and urine tests, to verify that all the levels of iron and other nutrients are correct or to determine if there is a deficiency or there may be some cause behind the child not getting that.

As a father and mother, you will have to carefully monitor the child's diet so that he does not lack any type of nutrient and I have an appropriate development for his age.

Breakfast is a great opportunity to give you essential nutrients. and energy at the beginning of the day to our son, which will help him to have a healthy weight gain. Give your child fruit, cereal, cookies, toast or cream cheese bagels, make a ham and cheese sandwich, and 100% fruit juice or milk to provide a wide variety of nutrients and a healthy number of calories.

What do we do with the other meals? How should they be? Then we offer you a weekly menu to give you more ideas, if in your case your child has a hard time gaining weight.

And you will ask yourself: what do we do the rest of the year? What can a child with low weight eat in the rest of the seasons of the year: summer, autumn and winter? Here are the best ideas so that you can create a suitable menu for him!

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