The viral gratitude of a teenager to her mother for vaccinating her in childhood

The viral gratitude of a teenager to her mother for vaccinating her in childhood

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As I get older, I realize everything my parents have done (and continue to do) for me every day. When we are children we are not aware of it and when we already have the capacity, we take it for granted. And we have so much to thank you for… The one who did find the best gratitude for his mother has been a teenager from the United States: a cake with a very special message. The reason? That you have been vaccinated throughout your childhood following the corresponding vaccination schedule.

We have many reasons why thanking our parents and getting vaccinated is undoubtedly one of them.

At a time when the debate for and against vaccines is very on, gestures like this are valued more than ever. On this occasion, it is the children themselves who, aware of the importance of being vaccinated, have wanted to thank their mother.

Various media in the United States pick up the news and tell the story behind this cake. They tell us about a 17-year-old girl named Alyssa Jackson, who decided to have a detail with her mother because she was worried about giving her all the vaccines.

"My sister and I went to collect our vaccination record to be able to change schools and we stopped at Dairy Queen to eat, ”the girl explains to Buzzfeed News. “I am happy to be vaccinated, because I am seeing how some diseases from the past are returning. I am happy that my mother has not contributed to it. "

After reading these words, we ask ourselves: is it necessary to review vaccines to change schools? It does not surprise us and it is that more and more centers are not accepting unvaccinated children. In Italy they have gone one step further and passed a law under which children under 6 years of age who are not vaccinated will not be able to go to nursery schools, and the parents of the older ones will be fined. We have also heard cases of children who have not been able, for example, to play with the rest of their friends at birthday parties because they are not vaccinated ...

Aware of all this, and wanting to make her mother smile, the teenager who owns this cake shared the fun moment through the social network Tik Tok. The video has already gone viral.

I can't help feeling very identified with this teenager. And I think my parents also deserve one, two and three cakes like this. Recently (in fact, right now I'm writing these lines with my arm still a bit sore from the puncture) I decided to get the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine.

Due to my age, it is not my place to wear it within the vaccination schedule. However, guided by my gynecologist and the benefits of this, I decided to put it on, despite the high cost it has involved. It has been my parents who have helped me to be able to afford it financially, which, once again, is reason for appreciation with the largest cake in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, the decision not to vaccinate our children is one of the great threats to public health that we will face this year. It ensures that the rejection of vaccines, when they are available, is a threat to progress, since progress in fighting disease could be lost that have been or are close to being eradicated. This is the case with measles.

About this disease, the famous writer of children's stories Roald Dahl wrote a letter more than 30 years ago but it is still very relevant. His daughter Olivia passed away from measles at the age of 7, disease you contracted from not being vaccinated, since there was still no such preparation. Therefore, he asks all parents to vaccinate their children: "parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are putting their lives in danger."

In addition, we must take into account the data provided by the WHO that ensures that vaccines prevent between 2 and 3 million deaths each year. In order not to add to these figures, which are already very high, vaccination seems the best option.

Therefore, if as a parent you have decided to vaccinate your children: thank you. And there is no better way to thank something than with a cake, don't you think?

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