Feeding for babies from 0 to 4 months

Feeding for babies from 0 to 4 months

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During the first 4 months of life the best diet for the baby is the breast milk to be made exclusively and without the need to introduce any other food. In case the mother cannot breastfeed the baby, the baby will have to take bottles made with formula milk.

Breast milk must be administered on demand during the first weeks, although if the baby does not wake up at night, it is convenient to wake him up to eat before the danger of dehydration. As for the starting formula-1 it will be administered every 3-4 hours.

For breastfeeding to be comfortable for both, the mother should sit with her back well supported and straight, the environment calm, with adequate light and if possible always in the same place in the house. The baby must be in the upright position, we can help you toopen your mouth wide and take the entire nipple for a correct suction.

The mother should suppress tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee, and over-the-counter medications throughout the entire period of breastfeeding. A good breastfeeding technique is to breastfeed for about 7-8 minutes and move on to the second until the child is tired and satisfied. The next feeding will start with the latter and so on, to prevent the baby from getting tired, swallowing air and causing colic.

1) Stimulating drinks: Coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate and cocoa

2) Alcoholic beverages: Wine, snacks, beer (including so-called non-alcoholic) and spirits in general. Drunk alcohol passes into breast milk and harms the child.

3) Vegetables: Cauliflower, cabbage, artichokes, asparagus, cucumber, peppers as they can change the natural flavor of breast milk.

4) Medications: You should not self-medicate, only those strictly recommended by your doctor.

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