The alarming data of pregnant women under 25 years of age with anxiety and depression

The alarming data of pregnant women under 25 years of age with anxiety and depression

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Nerves, joy, anxiety, sadness, euphoria ... Emotional changes are common during pregnancy Due to the hormonal alteration, but also to the very special moment that she is going through and the great adventure that awaits after nine months of pregnancy. At what age is a woman ready to face it all?

There are many studies that have tried to find the perfect age to conceive. A recent investigation has caught our attention that has sounded the alarm: two-thirds of pregnant women under the age of 25 show signs of mental disorders such as anxiety or depression.

According to this study, carried out by King’s College London and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry Open, 67% of women between 16 and 24 years old who are carrying a baby showed signs of suffering to varying degrees of some type of mental disorder. These data are very high if we take into account those thrown by future mothers over 25 years of age: these signs were only detected in 20% of women, that is, one in five.

To arrive at these data, we had the participation of 575 London women, of which 10% were under 25 years of age. It should be taken into account that younger pregnant women are more likely to have some other condition that makes them more vulnerable, for example, not having a partner or not having a job.

While the researchers assure that care must be taken when extrapolating the proportions to other places, the figures cannot go unnoticed as they are shocking. There are different agencies and services that are in charge of helping pregnant adolescents, however, this study shows that despite having passed adolescence, younger women still need counseling during pregnancy.

According to a study carried out by the University of Granada, the stress experienced by pregnant women affects the development of the baby which is inside the belly, especially in the first months of pregnancy. The person responsible for all this is cortisol, the stress hormone. As the mother secretes it, it prevents the baby from releasing the hormone in a normal way, which affects the maturation of his lungs. Often times, to correct this problem, the mother has to be given corticosteroids.

To avoid the problems that your stress could cause your baby, we recommend that you learn to manage anxiety during pregnancy. It is a time when many changes occur in your life and there are many things that you must take into account. Therefore, circumstances inevitably make you nervous. The important thing is to know how to control them and manage anxiety. Below we have collected some tips that you should keep in mind.

1. Anticipate
Try to avoid situations that you know will cause you anxiety or stress as much as possible. For example, if you know that driving makes you too nervous, try taking public transport.

2. Talk to your midwife
Often times, anxiety can be due to all the worries on our minds: Will the baby be okay? Is the position I sleep in hurting him? Will this pain be normal? A very simple way to put an end to all these doubts and stay more calm is to make an appointment with your midwife.

3. Your family can help you
Tell your family or a trusted friend how you feel. Sharing your emotions will help you understand them, something essential to know how to manage them. They will be able to make you feel better, but also to do shopping, to prepare the room for the baby, etc.

4. Learn relaxation techniques
When you notice that you are getting carried away by anxiety, do some relaxation technique that helps you calm down. Try to breathe slowly, feel your whole body, leave your mind blank ...

5. Change the way you talk to yourself
Watch your language towards yourself and try to make it a little more positive. Remove from your vocabulary expressions such as 'I can't', 'it's my fault', 'I'm useless' and replace them with more positive ones like 'I'll keep trying', 'I'll take measures so that it doesn't happen again' or 'I'll continue to improve'.

6. Stay away from toxic people
Right now, the important ones are you and your baby, so any person or thing that takes you away from your well-being should disappear from your life. End all the toxic relationships you have in your life that bring you nothing but suffering.

7. Rest
One of the most common symptoms during pregnancy is fatigue. And when we are tired we tend to be more irritable. So… rest! Do not give up sleep time to watch television, play with your mobile ...

If you notice that anxiety and stress control you, instead of controlling them, we recommend that you go to a specialist. He can give you the keys to feel better and enjoy more of your pregnancy.

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