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Fortnite. Reasons that explain the success and addiction of children to this video game

Fortnite. Reasons that explain the success and addiction of children to this video game

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We tell you the secrets and dangers of the game that 40 million players around the world are hooked on. Sure you know him, his name is Fortnite and it is a game in which children can play with their friends online by commenting on the game through microphone and headphones.

The problem arises when there are children who spend more than ten hours a day playing it. Some of them do it at night, without their parents knowing. We give you the reasons that explain the success and, at the same time, the addiction of children to Fortnite.

It is a third-person survival action game in which the objective is to be the last to stay alive on an island where they fight with 99 other players. Of course they have to use weapons and shoot the other players, but the representation of the action is more cartoonish than in other war games and there is no blood.

Maybe as a parent, you don't like everything we've told you so far and you're from the anti-fortnite league. Is that so? If we are right, today we want to explain what this video game has that hooks those who try it:

- There are two modes of play fortnite: one solo, called Save the world, and another known as Battle Royale, in which they can play alone, as a couple or in a squad (squad of four).

- It is an easily accessible video game, since it is free and multiplatform. They can play it for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Mac, iPhone and Android.

- As it has been commented on by all the most famous youtubers gamers in the world, its diffusion has been excessive.

- As it is also a social game and there is always someone you know connected playing it, children are hooked on it at any time of the day.

- The games have a duration of 20 minutes, which makes it very dynamic.

And since our objective is not to try to convince you of anything and less that your children play Fornite, on the contrary, we think that we must teach them to regulate its use (the game has a timer that allows you to regulate the number of games per day) and to prevent its addiction, we will now go on to tell you about the dangers of this video game:

- Generates aggressiveness
The video game generates a lot of tension among children and it is easy for them to insult their opponents or throw the controller to the ground if they lose. You must set rules so that they can play as they must be respectful with others, not use offensive language and not hit the accessories with which they play. Tell them it's just a game and it's about having a good time and not getting angry. As soon as these premises fail, we must intervene.

- Causes isolation
Many children prefer to stay at home playing and not go outside to play all weekend. It is very normal for them to protest when family plans are made outside the home or to be eager to return home because they have arranged to meet for a game. Tell them that they cannot base their leisure time on the video game and that it is good that they get the sun, practice physical activity and socialize with others.

- Free, nothing!
Battle Royale is free, but beware! because it has in-app purchases. If your son asks you for a battle pass, they will charge him money for it. With this pass, players can compete in more levels and win masks and costumes. Here comes the problem, since they always make the excuse that all their friends have bought it and, if not, they cannot play at their level. There is also the possibility to buy in-game items with coins called V-bucks and the option to access upgrades.

- It is invasive
Playing open chat games is not recommended for children under 13, so control who they play with and who they talk to. It also controls that on the other side no one is listening to you. If you don't like that it has chat, you can deactivate it in the "Settings" menu in the upper right corner of the main Fortnite page, selecting the three bars and then the gear icon, then go to audio at the top of the screen and deactivate the chat with the arrows.

- It is against your privacy
Children may only play with friends, but many times they are playing with other random players. The problem occurs when these players are older than they are and may be using inappropriate language. They can also unknowingly face adults to whom they reveal data that pertains to their privacy.

After this, do you have any more questions about the fashion game? A fashion that has been going on for years and it seems that it does not end.

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