Homemade stamps and tampons. Recycling crafts

Homemade stamps and tampons. Recycling crafts

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The stamps and tampons They are perfect elements to make fun drawings, to use them to decorate notebooks, homework assignments, and everything that refers to stationery. Kids will love making their own stamps.

On this occasion, we have produced stamps with heart, flower, butterfly and star shapes, but you can make stamps with the shape you want. You just have to use creativity and imagination.


  • Plastic caps or plugs
  • Eva rubber in different colors
  • Silicone gun glue
  • Scissors

In We teach you to make homemade stamps with different shapes using recycling caps and eva rubber. It is a very easy and quick craft to do.

1. Take foam rubber of different colors and draw on them the shapes that you like the most: hearts, flowers, stars, butterflies, letters or numbers. Cut them out.

2. Glue the shapes onto the plastic caps.

3. Dip the cap in ink and you can make beautiful drawings on different surfaces.

Video: DIY stamps part 01 (June 2022).


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