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The most popular names for girls in Argentina

The most popular names for girls in Argentina

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As soon as they know the sex of the baby, or even before, families begin to consider possible names. Many criteria can influence the choice of the baby's name. Some prefer to follow the family tradition and others opt for a original name or weird. In any case, in each country social trends are followed that end up making countless names for girls and boys fashionable.

In Argentina It seems that they are clear about the names of girls, because in the list of frequent names of Argentine girls we find that common denominator that is the name Maria. In addition, Argentine families prefer to give their girls compound, traditional names with a Latin origin.

1. Maria Laura. The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the name Laura, of Latin origin creating a balance between strength and delicacy. Both names are traditional, familiar and maintain a certain freshness in that combination of Biblical and Renaissance traditions.

2. Maria Eugenia. If the Greek origin of the name Eugenia and its meaning of "well-born" were not enough for a girl with a special strength, this name is joined by the omnipresent María, the frequent name par excellence, not only in the Hispanic sphere, but also in all the world.

3. Ana Maria. This name has a Hebrew origin that implies millennia of popularity. They are two names that have the biblical tradition very much in mind and that waste familiarity. Despite its use, neither separately nor together have they lost a hint of freshness.

4. Maria Cristina. Cristina's Latin origin and Maria's Hebrew origin combine in a compound name that evokes nobility and distinction. The religious character is diluted in both names, in the biblical Mary and in the feminine name that derives from Christ, to become a suitable combination for any family.

5. Maria Florence. This compound name combines the Hebrew origin of Maria with the Latin origin of Florence, creating a name with a special sonority that exudes delicacy and refinement, perhaps due to the evocations of the wonderful Italian city cradle of artists. Also, the meaning of the name Florence, related to the beauty of flowers, only increases the appeal of this girl's name.

6. Stella Maris. The only name that deviates from the pattern followed by Argentine families is this compound name of Latin origin. An ideal starfish for any girl in a fully Latinized name that gives it an original and mysterious touch.

7. Maria Belén. It is a compound name of totally Hebrew origin that gives it a special energy. These are two very popular frequent names thanks to the biblical tradition. The strength of Mary combines with the softness of Bethlehem to form one of the most attractive girl names.

8. Maria Alejandra. The Greek origin of Alejandra joins the biblical Maria forming a combination of two heavyweights in a matter of girl names. This compound name exudes strength, energy, courage, and forcefulness, after all, for a girl who will be destined to succeed.

9. Maria Carmen. The Latin origin of the name Carmen, together with the popular name of María, only reinforces the beauty of this name that praises art and song as an expression of life. Both names are very popular in the Hispanic world, so the girls who wear them are surrounded by a close and familiar touch.

10. Maria Victoria. The Latin origin of the name Victoria and its meaning are reinforced when combined with the Hebrew name Maria. Both names have enough forcefulness to be used alone, so their combination increases the appeal of this compound name ideal for girls with a great personality.

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