How gender violence affects children

How gender violence affects children

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More than 180,000 children are exposed to gender violence in Spain alone. The data is not worrisome: it is chilling. Children who will have nightmares for the rest of their lives. Children who will bow their heads, even when they are older, to a shout, or who they will become future abusers. And they will yell and hit. And they will put their children through the same thing they did to them.

Father is worrying that his children have their basic rights covered: food, health, protection, education ... and love. A father who mistreats his wife sets the worst example he could set for his children. Educate with violence. Without affection. Without compassion. Without humanity. The same a father as a mother. The screams are the same.

Children are therefore the most vulnerable victims in the case of gender violence. Unable to understand the reason for this violence. Unable to express their feelings. Some try to isolate themselves, cover their ears. Others learn the patterns to repeat them when the time comes.

Children who suffer gender violence at home live in a perpetual nightmare. They do not necessarily have to be physically assaulted to suffer psychological torture. The fear installed in their lives causes them to behave differently. This is what happens to children when they are bystanders of the abuse of their mother:

- Self-esteem disappears, annihilated by continuous screaming and threats.

- They are nervous, irascible. Constant changes in mood.

- Stunted growth. Language delay.

- Constant nightmares. Night terrors.

- Regressions (enuresis, for example).

- They show anxiety and their performance in school decreases.

- Depression.

- Isolation or anger.

- Personality disorder. Abuse of animals, tantrums, lack of empathy ...

- His drawings change: they are drawings in which the father figure appears separated and larger. They use darker colors and the strokes are strong.

The consequences of abuse during childhood can be dire: from building an adult with a totally nullified personality to modeling a role of future abuser, based on learning the model they saw each day.

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