14 reasons why having a sister is better

14 reasons why having a sister is better

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Who has a sister has a treasure. And we say sister, and not brother. Ok, it may sound strange, but this time we stick to what science says, or rather, statistics.

A study of the Brigham Young University, from the United States, has revealed something surprising: Adults who have sisters are better people. That is if we understand by 'better person', those with solid values, great skills to relate to others and greater ease in resolving conflicts. We give you up to 14 reasons why it is better to have a sister.

You can believe it or not. At the end of the day, it is a study, and studies always have a large margin of error. But it is quite curious and the truth is that its conclusions are well founded. The study, published in the journal Journal of Family Psychology by Professors Tonny Cassidy and Alex Jensen, found that among the so-called 'best people' the vast majority had something in common: they had sisters.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that a sister brings advantages that a brother cannot offer. Do you want to know what they are? Pay attention, because people who have sisters have all these qualities (try to see if you feel identified):

1. They resolve their conflicts better
Sisters are very clever, and they know 'always to get away with it' (or almost always). This is not by chance, but a great ability to contemplate the ways of 'escape' in the face of a possible conflict. The brothers quickly learn this fantastic skill from his example.

2. They have more confidence in themselves
Sisters are great fighters. They like to achieve goals, and for this they must trust themselves. Yes, you may be thinking that there are also many girls with low self-esteem and little confidence in themselves, but even those girls, who trust themselves less, are capable (according to this study) of encouraging their brothers so that they do improve their self esteem.

3. They have more social skills
Sisters teach their brothers to be more generous and kind to others. According to this study, these values ​​make as adults, those who have had sisters, have a great attraction in front of other people.

4. They have greater negotiation skills
If you are able to resolve conflicts more fluently, you will also be able to negotiate more skillfully. Siblings who grow up alongside these great little negotiators will learn helpful tricks and skills that they can develop as they grow up.

5. They are more committed to the family
Girls tend to feel more attached to the family and this they continue to develop when they are older. In most families it is like this: it is the women who are in charge of strengthening family ties.

6. They develop more values ​​such as empathy, altruism, love and compassion
The study says that sisters are more compassionate and teach brothers to develop this feeling, as well as other essential values ​​such as empathy or generosity. Brothers who grew up alongside sisters are more empathetic, altruistic, and compassionate.

7. Braver and more determined
Yes, and also more ambitious (understood from the 'healthy' part of this word. Girls are more competitive and ambitious and that makes them not afraid to take risks and show more interest towards effort and perseverance. These values Essentials make them braver and much more determined when making a decision, something that children who grew up with them also tend to learn.

8. More independent
Girls are faster than boys in their development in the early years. That is why they achieve autonomy earlier and also, according to the study, are dedicated to helping their siblings to be like them, more independent.

9. They have more ability to communicate with others
The study found that adults with sisters communicate better with women than those who grew up surrounded by brothers. Women communicate better from a young age and it is a skill they teach their brothers.

10. Improve your emotional intelligence
Sisters, according to Alex Jensen, co-author of the study, tend to support their siblings from a young age, and they try by all means not to feel lonely, guilty or fearful. That is, when faced with any emotional problem, they show their support and help them overcome their obstacles.

11. They resist stress better
If sisters can make adult brothers better manage their emotions, they will also be able to tolerate frustration and stress more. Or not?

12. They achieve inner peace more easily
Inner peace is achieved with great emotional intelligence, and in that the sisters are great artists (according to this study, of course). And of course, great teachers for his brothers.

13. They are happier
The more inner peace, the more happiness. You know that the happiest is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. Sisters make their brothers feel good about themselves and in this way, they become happier.

14. They are better people
And the end result, according to this study, is that children who grow up with a sister are much better people, since they bring together a series of essential skills and values ​​that make them happy and make others happy.

The study (which, by the way, had already been done previously in Great Britain and coincided with all these conclusions) also provides another series of relevant data, which surely sounds to many, such as that once the brothers already they are adults, it is usually the sisters who maintain family contact and they try to keep the family together.

You already know: having a sister ensures greater emotional balance, a greater inner peace, and above all, a large dose of unconditional love. Having a daughter in the family is, according to these studies, beneficial for the whole family. If you already have a girl, check it out!

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