A mother dedicates an emotional letter to her son with Asperger syndrome

A mother dedicates an emotional letter to her son with Asperger syndrome

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"You are different, but you are neither more nor less than them and them. So if you notice that they make fun of you, missing you in the most heartless way, ignore them." This is just one of the powerful phrases included in a Emotional letter that a mother dedicates to her son with Asperger syndrome; a letter in which this woman, who has not wanted to reveal her identity, talks about how important her son is to her, sends him a message of strength and explains what is happening to him.

Pedro (anonymous name that we are going to use to refer to the little one) was born on April 10, 2010. His mother had him when he was 39 years old, after two girls who, at that time, were 10 and 17 years old. "You were an unexpected gift, but immediately your presence and your smell flooded everything. You were everything!", Confesses this woman.

The boy grew up healthy and strong and no one could suspect that "because of his little head" something could go wrong, until nursery school arrived and his parents realized that his development was not like that of his classmates: Pedro did not have the same facility to speak as the rest. "It was difficult for you to begin to say your first words. However, we were in awe of your prodigious memory. One day, your father taught you the numbers from 1 to 5, and the next day he asked you about them and you recognized them the first time. that taught you from 6 to 10, and so on. When you started elementary school, you knew the numbers from 1 to 50 and you enumerated them by heart, "explains this mother.

His parents, his pediatrician and at school soon realized that something was wrong, so Pedro was subjected to several tests and studies that would clear his parents' doubts. And, finally, the diagnosis came: Asperger syndrome.

This mother has found the perfect words to talk to your little one and to explain why many times "he feels more comfortable around a table exchanging the accessories of the Pinypon, than while kicking a ball" or because "he runs like a bird in flight and has that robotic way of speaking, at the same time of brilliant ".

They are words that are aimed at this 9-year-old boy, but that society should internalize and from which we can all learn a lot. "Today, two years after we asked to find out what is wrong with you, we have a definitive diagnosis. The psychologist has said that you have 'high functioning autism spectrum disorder (Asperger syndrome)'. I want you to understand that you are not sick, you just are able to see the world with different eyes. With those deep-looking black eyes that you have. "

"They say that Asperger They have difficulty empathy, they do not understand irony and they have difficulties to relate to others, but in your case it is not like that. You are a loving, fun and happy child. Your main problem is that you become excessively obsessed with some topics and you talk at all hours without a time limit, only about what interests you, becoming a problem when it comes to relating correctly with other people. "

And the letter continues because this mother does not want to end this letter without sending her a message of affection and encouragement, because she is aware that life outside is hard and the road she has to travel will not be easy.

"My darling, you will hear people who say that you are special, and it is true, you are very special ... super special, the most special for me, for your family and for the friends who really love you. There will be people who will laugh of some things you do that can sometimes be funny. In this case, don't worry, because it won't be malicious, and if possible, laugh yourself too. Because sometimes laughing at yourself isn't bad, it's more, humor is a medicine for the wounds of the soul. Now, if you notice that they make fun of you, disrespecting you in the most heartless way, ignore them. Because these people do not deserve a single second of your time, and, be clear about it, you are a better person than them and you don't need them.

"Your Asperger condition It will accompany you all your life and you will have to get used to it and explain to your friends that when you make noise with your mouth or when you run away you do it because you need it and that they should let you do it to return again to continue playing. You must explain to them that you are different, but that you are neither more nor less than them and them. And that you need them to grow, to feel loved and so that tomorrow you can become a man of integrity and fulfillment. In the meantime, I just wish that you continue to be the happy child you are today. "

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