The recipe for happy children with emotional intelligence

The recipe for happy children with emotional intelligence

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If I ask you what you want most for your son, the answer you will give me - I am sure of it - is that he be happy. If I ask you what else you want, the answers may be more varied. Maybe you tell me that you want me to be affectionate or maybe grateful, generous, autonomous, independent ... All this happens to get children to have emotional intelligence. But how is this achieved? Is there a magic recipe? What can we parents do? Much!

I propose a reflection ... What is needed for children to be happy, affectionate, grateful and the rest of the qualities to which we aspire? The first step, dear father / dear mother, is to be it ourselves. Answer honestly: Are you happy? Are you loving? Are you grateful? Take a moment and answer honestly. How are you going to ask your son for something that you can't show him.

Everything begins, therefore, by changing ourselves, aspiring to make our behavior respond to emotional intelligence. Learn to control and understand our emotions, move out of respect and love for the people around us, guide ourselves by empathy ... Only in this way will we become a good example for our children, who can be seen in us and in our behavior to be happy.

As parents, we have to help children develop their emotional intelligence, and for this, I propose the following activities, they are something like the ingredients to achieve the perfect recipe that our children need. You should put them into practice as often as possible. In this way, your son or daughter can learn from you.

1. First of all, calm down
As a first point, I recommend that you always avoid behaviors in which you are out of your mind. It is likely that what has upset you has not happened as you have felt or understood. Therefore, before using words or expressions that show that you are out of your mind, stop and analyze what has really happened and how you feel. The objective is teach to reflect before reacting.

2. Not everything is bad or good
We have a bad habit of evaluating situations as bad or good. Avoid it! Things happen, and something can be learned from all of them. Get used to talking about learning and what from now on, thanks to that situation, you start to value differently. The goal is to show you open to your personal evolution and personal changes.

3. Take care of your inner language
As you speak to yourself, so you will act. Therefore, you should try to be respectful and loving to yourself. In this way you will make your acts more loving. This will be the goal of this point, to be kinder to yourself.

4. Communication!
Effective communication involves being empathetic, observing verbal language and, of course, non-verbal communication. When we observe all this, we will enrich our relationships because our loved ones will feel loved and of course, listened to. The goal is to teach our children to pay attention to the people we love.

5. Bet on love
Finally, expand your love, expand your emotional language, and your displays of affection. It is clear what the objective is at this point, that our children, on the one hand, feel loved and on the other, that they learn to demand affectionate signs, and of course, to express them.

As I always say, you better show him how it's done, don't tell him how to do it. You are their best example to follow!

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