Why you should encourage your child to draw a self-portrait

Why you should encourage your child to draw a self-portrait

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There is a game that we usually do at home from time to time. Dad, mother, eldest daughter and youngest daughter sat around the low table in the living room and, on a blank sheet that the eldest daughter had previously distributed and with the help of some paintings that the youngest daughter had selected, we draw each other.

In this way, we discover how others see us, what things we should better or change and those of which they make us feel most proud. This week I have decided to introduce a variant to this family activity: ask my little ones to draw themselves, and that is to encourage your son to make a self portrait It has many advantages. Discover them!

Beyond looking to see if the line is well done or if it has managed to paint the sweater green without leaving the body, that your child draw a self portrait It can be very beneficial for the little one in many surprising ways.

In addition to being a fun activity with which they stimulate their imagination, relax, organize their ideas, develop their self-esteem and acquire problem-solving skills, draw a self portrait it is one of the most introspective art forms.

Children can express what is important to them, learn about who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world, and help them develop their own identity! Kathryn Smerling, a New York-based family therapist, explains: “Very often, children's self-portraits they are an indicator of how they feel about themselves. Often accompanied by a self-portrait, there is a one-line descriptor that the child can dictate to an adult. It can help the child to step back and reflect on who they are. It is a key part of learning and personal development. "

Another of the main benefits of this introspective art project is that it allows children to have the maximum artistic freedom, this means that children feel themselves. They can use whatever material they like or try whatever art style they want, giving them complete freedom.

But this is not all, the self portrait is a fun introduction to the history of art, which might be a misinterpreted subject as boring for some children. You can go one step further and even help them with the activity by showing them different versions of self-portraits throughout history and talking about the different styles and how they have changed over the centuries, making it a great practical history lesson.

Other point in favor of self-portrait is that the little ones begin to become familiar with themselves and learn what makes them unique. Through this activity, the little ones will take time to observe the features of their faces: what their eyes are like, what shape their nose is like, what expression their mouth has and how it all fits in with the rest of the body. At the same time, this drawing will allow them to develop observation, expression and reflection skills, as well as to maintain a positive relationship with themselves.

And as if these weren't enough reasons to convince you to try this expressive exercise with your child, here we go with the last reason: Self-portrait helps your children consider their aspirations for the future. It gives them the opportunity to not only think about who they are, but who they want to be when they grow up.

Since Guiainfantil.com We throw you an idea, and that is that every year or every school year you ask your child to draw a self-portrait. You are in charge of saving them and, when you consider it convenient, you can check it together to see how it has developed and how it has changed over time. You can use different materials (waxes, finger paints, different colored pencils ...) and you can suggest that he draw in different environments and situations, for example, with family, friends, at school ... Can you think of something more instructive and beneficial for both of you?

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