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27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

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At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby is growing at a surprising rate, gaining weight and size significantly by the seventh month of pregnancy. He pregnancy week by week has reached the week 27 of gestation and there are many changes that you will notice in your body and in your state of health.

The darkening of some areas of your skin and the emotional changes typical of the seventh month of gestation are normal when the gestation reaches the 27th week of pregnancy.

In the 27th week of pregnancy you will notice that the linea alba in your belly is already very evident and it is quite noticeable. The linea alba is a brown line that runs vertically across the abdomen in pregnancy and is due to an increase in melanin in that area of ​​the skin.

Another significant change is the increase in breast volume. The breasts have increased up to three times their size and as a consequence the veins can be seen under the skin. Keep your breasts very hydrated to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. The breast areola is getting bigger and the nipples have darkened. Small bumps called 'Morgagni tubers' may appear on it. Some milk may appear on the nipples. You will also notice that the nipples have darkened.

In the 27th week of pregnancy, you may begin to feel pain in the pubic area when doing some physical activities such as going up or down stairs, walking or spreading your legs. This is due to the fact that the pelvis, which is made up of two iliac bones, joined by the sacral bone at the back and by the pubic symphysis at the front, is slightly dilated due to the action of the hormone relaxin, with the objective of allowing the baby to pass through at the time of delivery.

To relieve pelvic pain, wear a pelvic belt to help stabilize your hips, perform exercises aimed at improving the stability of your pelvis and back, and apply dry heat to the painful area. Treatment by a physical therapist can be very beneficial.

In the week 27 of pregnancy, the baby already weighs about 800-900 grams approximately and measures about 36-37 centimeters. Your internal organs are finishing their formation. In the digestive system, the liver undergoes rapid maturation. In the lungs a fundamental substance is produced for its correct functioning abroad: surfactant. The nervous system continues its maturation process and thanks to this evolution, the eyelids, which until now have remained united, begin to open. The eyelashes are also developing.

The skin begins to thicken and be protected with a whitish substance called vernix caseosa, which will accompany the baby until the moment of birth. Your body continues to accumulate fat and you will gradually start to look plumper.

A pregnancy test, which is done between weeks 24 and 28 of gestation, is theO'Sullivan test to all pregnant women, which consists of determining blood glucose one hour after ingesting 50 grams of glucose. If the result is positive, a more comprehensive test called oral glucose overload (SOG) is performed, with the goal of making a definitive diagnosis. When the presence of gestational diabetes is confirmed, the pregnant woman is usually referred to a pathological pregnancy unit, where she is jointly monitored and controlled by an obstetrician and an endocrinologist.

Gestational diabetes consists of an alteration of the metabolism of carbohydrates. The pancreas does not make enough insulin, and blood glucose levels rise (hyperglycemia). It usually disappears after delivery, but tends to reappear in consecutive pregnancies. Also, having gestational diabetes increases the likelihood of developing type II diabetes throughout life.

Gestational diabetes is usually asymptomatic and the only way to reduce the negative effects it can have on maternal-fetal health is to carry out a systematic screening during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes does not receive treatment, a series of complications can appear such as threatened premature birth, preeclampsia (hypertension induced by pregnancy), infections, especially vaginal and urinary infections, obstetric trauma (increased number of caesarean sections), macrosomia or excessive growth of the baby inside the uterus, delayed intrauterine growth of the baby and, in the newborn: hypoglycemia, respiratory distress and jaundice.

Performing breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as practicing regular exercise every day, is as important as following a varied and balanced diet in pregnancy. However, in some cases the concern about gaining too much weight causes some pregnant women to restrict their consumption of carbohydrates or to start diets not prescribed by the doctor. On the other side of the scale are pregnant women who tend to overeat because they understand that this way their babies will be healthier.

Other frequent errors in pregnancy are the absence of dairy, vegetables and fruits, which affects the formation of the baby, following the diets of pregnant friends or relatives (each organism is different) and consuming vitamin supplements or self-medicating without supervision of the doctor.

It is a good time to have a 3-dimensional ultrasound. In the 27th week of gestation, the baby is the right size to be well visualized in parts. In general, couples go to private centers to see the face of their baby before it is born as a souvenir. It is only performed in public hospitals when a congenital anomaly in the fetus is diagnosed by performing 2-dimensional ultrasound.

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