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It's hard not to fall in love with British and American culture, because it's everywhere! We apply anti-aging creams, we buy bodies for our babies, we dance at a party, we take a break whenever we can ... The one with English words that we use every day! So why not consider the english names when thinking about how we want to call the little ones who are about to be born.

To respond to that need that many parents have, in Guiainfantil.com we have prepared a small compilation with the best baby names in english. On this occasion, we focus on those that go from F to I. In addition, in this guide of names you can also read the meaning and origin of each of them, to make the decision that is less complicated for you.

Then you can read over 130 English name ideas starting with F, G, H and I. Perhaps, among all of them, there is that name with which you are trying to give. To choose these names for boys and girls, we have been inspired by Christian tradition, by great figures in British history, by the most interesting meanings of names ... And so we propose them:

130+ fabulous name ideas for boys and girls, in English

  • The English names that sound the most to you
  • Why not give your baby a short name
  • Some names for girls of more than 4 letters
  • Good ideas of names for boys that are very original
  • English names that have gone down in history
  • The names that you will like the most ordered by letters

You have a mission: to find the perfect name for your baby. And in Guiainfantil.com we help you.

The English names that sound the most to you

We start this name guide with some very popular nicknames that are sure to ring a bell. If you've been to London, New York or any other English-speaking city, you've surely heard them on its streets. And we have selected some names for boys and girls that are very common but they are no less successful for that. Look!

  1. Frank.English form of Francisco, name of Germanic origin that served to refer to the people of the Franks (in France).
  2. Gabriel. Of Hebrew origin, the name of the archangel Saint Gabriel, whose saints are celebrated on September 29.
  3. Geoffrey. Its origin is German and, in addition to English, it is a very popular French name. It results from putting together the German words for 'God' and 'peace'.
  4. George. In Spanish it is Jorge, a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who works the land'.
  5. Gordon. It derives from a Scottish surname that is the same as the name, although it is also related to France.
  6. Harry. Harry is the same name as Henry, which in Spanish is Enrique, a name of Germanic origin that means 'the lord of his house'.
  7. Heather. Name for women whose origin is British. It refers to green plants with small red flowers.
  8. Holly. Name of English origin that refers to the holly plant, so used at Christmas.
  9. Howard. There is some debate about its origin, possibly French or German. It is also a very popular surname.

The son of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton is called George, one of the most traditional names in British royalty.

Why not give your baby a short name

Why put a short name for your son. First of all, because as you get older it will cost less to learn and pronounce it. And, on the other hand, because names with fewer letters are much more forceful, direct and comfortable for everyone who wants to call you. We have made a selection with some very nice and short English names.

  1. Gary. Name of Germanic origin that comes from gar, which means 'spear'.
  2. Fate. Very original British name that has started to be heard more often in recent years.
  3. Hal. Originally, Hal came from Henry (name of Germanic origin), but it has already become a name that is used independently.
  4. Ian. It is a name of Gaelic origin derived, in turn, from the Hebrew name of Juan. Other shapes are John, Evan, Hans, Jean, etc.
  5. Going. British form of the Irish name Íde. Its origin could be found in the oldest Germanic.
  6. Isaac Name of Hebrew origin that is also used in the United States and the United Kingdom. He was one of the patriarchs of the Bible.
  7. Iva. Name of probably Slavic origin that is still very original and modern.

Some names for girls of more than 4 letters

Some believe that from 4 letters we can say that a name is long and, therefore, it can be shortened or abbreviated in some way. In case you are looking for a very important English name for your daughters, here are some ideas that you will love.

  1. Farrah. Name that is sometimes also used for children. Its origin is Arabic and means 'joy'.
  2. France. It conveys great elegance. Name of Latin origin that refers to the French country.
  3. Fortune. Word used in English to talk about fortune.
  4. Hailee or Hayley. Of British origin, it derives from hay and leah, which would mean something like 'meadow'.
  5. Hazel. It means 'hazelnut' or 'mist'. The origin of this name is English.
  6. Heaven. Word that is used in English to name the paradise or sky, which makes this name have a very beautiful meaning.

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Good ideas of names for boys that are very original

Like many parents, your child is sure to be unique. Why not start by looking for a very original name ... To inspire you in your search for the perfect name, we have compiled the following ideas.

  1. Faran or Farah. Name of Persian origin that can also be heard, although less frequently, by the cities of Great Britain. It means cheerful.
  2. Fenton. Word that is often used as a first name, but also as a surname.
  3. Godric. Name of much tradition that has stopped being used, so it is very original.
  4. Harley. It is also used for girls and means something like 'hare meadow'. Its origin is British.
  5. Harrison. Often used as a surname, Harrison means 'son of Harry'. Its origin is English.
  6. Harvey. It has a long tradition and since its origin it refers to iron.

English names that have gone down in history

And, how could it be otherwise, we also look back and look at some of the most prominent American and British personalities in history to continue proposing English names between F and I. Here they go!

  1. Freddie. In honor of Freddie Mercury, great vocalist of the even bigger group Queen, successful in the whole world.
  2. Graham. With this name we pay tribute to Alexander Graham Bell, a renowned inventor and scientist.
  3. Harper. Harper Lee was awarded the Pullitzer Prize for his well-known novel "To Kill a Mockingbird."
  4. Henry. Henry by Prince Henry of England and by Henry Ford, father of mass production lines.
  5. Horatio. The navigator Nelson was one of the most important figures in the British Royal Navy after his great conquests.
  6. Hugh. Actor Hugh Grant has appeared in numerous films for which he has received various awards such as a Golden Globe.

The names that you will like the most ordered by letters

Many parents want to be connected in some way with their children for life. And, since you never know what can happen, many like to know that their little ones are going to have the same name as them. And, if it is not the same name, at least one that begins with the same initial.

For all of them, we have prepared the following tables that order the most beautiful English names by letters. You will see that we have first those that begin with F, then those that start with the letter G, then the names with H and, finally, fantastic nicknames for I.

More ideas to keep in mind!

FANCYFELIX - Lucky, happy
FIONA - Innocent and pureFrankie
FrankieFREDERIC- Strong, fair and good
GARANCEGAEL - The Galician Speaking
GEORGIAGARY - He who rules with spear
GEREMYGOHAN - God is mysterious
GRAY - Gray hairGiles
HORTENSEHARLEY - Pile of rocks
IRENEILIE - The Lord is my God
IRINAIKE - The one who smiles

Maybe after so many English names you feel a bit confused ... Don't worry! There is no rush to choose your child's name. It is more important that you take the time you need, as it is a very important and, above all, long-lasting decision. Before finding the way you will call your baby definitely, you should consider all the options. Even from English names with other letters. Good luck!

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