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Knee sprain in children

Knee sprain in children

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The knee is a powerful joint, bearing the weight of much of the body, and ready to perform a physical activity as rewarding as walking, as hard as climbing hills or as fun as running. But sometimes it can be injured, as in the so-called knee sprain.

First, we will discuss what a sprain is. The word 'sprain' is defined as injury to a ligament. Ligaments are the fibrous structures that join two bones within a joint, to maximize its stability. It's no wonder that if a ligament is injured, joint mobility is compromised.

Sprains are classified into varying degrees of severity, ranging from minor tear (grade I) to total tear (grade III).

If we focus on knee sprains, we must comment that the ligament most frequently affected is the internal lateral ligament, also called the medial collateral. In winter, injuries to this ligament are frequent, during skiing, in relation to forced twisting of the knee that cannot be compensated as a correlative movement of the ankle, as it is locked. The lateral lateral ligament is much harder, and it is more rare that it is injured, requiring very significant trauma.

The patient with a knee sprain usually manifests pain in the knee in relation to the movements of the knee, as well as a limp. The pain is relieved by slightly flexing the joint.

Its treatment consists of rest for a week, oral anti-inflammatories for 2-3 days and the placement of an elastic bandage on the knee, the distal third of the thigh and the proximal third of the leg. Punctually requires surgical treatment.

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