The surfer crab. Poem that will help children overcome their fears

The surfer crab. Poem that will help children overcome their fears

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All children (and adults) have some fear; it's completely normal. In fact, it is a natural emotion that keeps us alert to survive threats. However, overcoming fears and learning from them is something that we must work with the little ones in the house. Therefore, we propose you this short poem entitled "The surfer crab". The following verses will serve as an example for the children, who will realize that they can face any of their terrors and be victorious.

When the sea raged

they buried themselves in the sand

why their anger feared.

But an ordinary crab,

sick of this situation,

encouraged by the others,

came out with great courage.

The sea when seeing it leave,

much more enraged,

but the crab in one jump,

a wave was climbed.

And by chance when jumping,

on a branch he fell,

and the crab without looking for it

in the wave surfed.

I climbed to its crest,

I went down for it,

I swam in the wave

from the sea to the sand.

When the sea saw fit,

lesson learned,

to the earth he returned.

But it happened that the crab,

he had such a good time at sea,

than getting on a wave,

went into the water again.

AND so much fun,

who told his friends,

and now they're going to surf,

with the rough sea.

Did you enjoy the poem? To check that your child has understood the story it is telling, ask these questions. You will have to answer them almost without hesitation and, if not, you must reread the verses. With this second reading, the little one will appreciate everything that had gone unnoticed the first time.

1. When were the crabs afraid?

2. Did a crab dare to go out to sea even though it was raging?

3. How did the crab start surfing?

4. Did you have a good time surfing?

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