Italian names for boys, girls and babies

Italian names for boys, girls and babies

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Italian is an easy language to understand and learn for those of us who have Spanish as their first language, but that is not what attracts us to Italian. We live in love with Italian because of its musical accent, that's why many parents look for Italian names for boys, girls and babies that will be born soon. Is it your case? Here you have a selection with the best. It will cost you to choose!

Over 100 lovely names for newborns

  • Most common Italian names for boys
  • Names inspired by famous people from Italy
  • Short names for girls
  • Classic style names for boys
  • Modern and original names for girls
  • Get inspired by Italy to choose your girl's name
  • Italian names from A to C

Any of these Italian names that we propose will be perfect for your child, but if you have doubts about which one to choose for your child, all you have to do is let your instinct carry you. Look at your little one's face, observe his gestures, focus on his gaze. What is he saying? There you have the answer to your question!

  • Italian names A - C
  • Italian names D - K
  • Italian names L - S
  • Italian names T - Z

Most common Italian names for boys

If you are one of those people who does not like to innovate, don't worry! Here we present you the list of the most popular names in the country of pasta. Surely more than one sounds familiar to you!

  1. Abram: Also known as Abraham, father of the crowd.
  2. Aladdin: A very popular name thanks to the movie that Disney named after him.
  3. Amelio: It has a curious meaning. Do you want to know? It means carefree.
  4. Boris: It is a very powerful and very masculine name. Besides in Italy, it is very popular in Russia.
  5. Camillo: People who bear this name are usually true leaders.
  6. Carlo: Her feminine version is Carlota, another beautiful name. Its meaning, free man. Will it be the case with your offspring?

Names inspired by famous people from Italy

Italy has been the home of many famous people, the birthplace of composers, musicians, painters, actors, footballers, fashion designers ... If you are looking for a famous Italian name for your baby, it starts with the letter A, B or C, here are some examples:

  1. Antonio: Like the famous composer and violinist.
  2. Andrea: Ideal for children who give the note since they are in the belly of mom.
  3. Alessandro: A classic that can not be missing in your pools.
  4. Armani: Ideal for very cute babies.
  5. Berlusconi: A name with great power.
  6. Belucci:The surname of one of the great ladies of Italian cinema.
  7. Caravaggio: A name inspired by the famous painter.
  8. Christian:Like the Portuguese footballer.

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Short names for girls

Because you have a long last name or because you simply like short names, in the Italian language there are precious short names perfect for girls.

  1. Alda: People named like that have a lot of character and are attributed the adjective of bossy.
  2. Anna: Do you want to know what is its male equivalent? Ananias.
  3. Beata: It was a very frequent name in the Roman Empire. It means happy and blissful.
  4. Bianca: One of the most popular Italian names, known in Spanish as Blanca.
  5. Caeli: Very famous for its English variant, Kelly and Kylie, but we really like Caeli better.
  6. Chiara:A very fashionable name for the famous youtuber who just became a mother. It's Clara in Italian.

Classic style names for boys

You, you have it clear: you like Italian names but also classic and lifelong names. Therefore, you will love this list of traditional baby names.

  1. Adaalberto: It means the one who shines for his nobility.
  2. Adelfo: It is perfect for children who are very sensitive.
  3. To the bathroom: You can also use the name Albán.
  4. Alfred: They celebrate their saint on January 12.
  5. Baldovino: Names very widespread among the high lineages of Belgium.
  6. Benedetto: Can you guess its meaning? Blessed!
  7. Bruno:Short, classic and very easy to hold.
  8. Cecilio: His female version, Cecilia, is more popular than Cecilio.
  9. Cesario: One of the most classic Italian names out there.
  10. Constanzo: They can be serious and cold, but they are very cute.

Modern and original names for girls

You like to be well up to date and the trend that the market comes out, a trend that you incorporate into your life. Maybe that's why you are thinking of a modern Italian name for your baby.

  1. Alessia: It is related to very independent girls. Is it the case with your baby?
  2. Alina: Funny, attractive and kind are some of the meanings attributed to it.
  3. Annachiara: The appeal of this name is that it is very rare. Dare with it!
  4. Arianna: Increasingly widespread not only in Italy, but in the United States.
  5. Azurra: Original like the most.
  6. Blue: Although its origin is English, it is one of the most popular in the country of pizza and pasta.

Get inspired by Italy to choose your girl's name

Long names are said to denote a lot of personality in the person who bears them. Do you want it to be the case with your little one? Attentive to these proposals!

  1. Albertina: Ideal for girls with a strong personality.
  2. Alessandra: Very beautiful names that are related to self-confident people.
  3. Andreaana: Long name and strong personality. Watch out for these little ones!
  4. Antonella: You will love its meaning: the one that is precious like a flower.
  5. Bonafila: Girls so named are considered to be good daughters.
  6. Carlota: Princess name.
  7. Cedrina: If you want to give it a modern touch, you can select Cedric.
  8. Concetta:Among its lyrics, it keeps a very powerful meaning: pure.

Italian names from A to C

Is the first letter of the alphabet perhaps one of your favorites? Then you have to give your baby one of these Italian names that begin with the letter A.


It is second in the alphabet, but it is actually the first consonant of the alphabet. If you like the sound and shape of the letter B, take note of these naming ideas:


Neither 5, nor 10, nor 15, nor 20 ... We bring you a complete list with more than 35 Italian names that start with the letter C! There are short and long, classic and modern ...!


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