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Home remedies for children's bruises

Home remedies for children's bruises

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Bumps and falls are part of children's day-to-day lives, so much so that it is very common for them to have their legs full of bruises of different sizes and shades. Can these bruises be treated? Is it possible to prevent them from coming out? How can they be cured? These are the most common questions asked by parents.

In We give you a series of useful tips and tricks for parents, they are natural and home remedies that we can put into practice to relieve and heal childhood bruises.

These bruises are nothing more than the injury resulting from the micro-rupture of small blood vessels caused by a blow, a contusion or a fall. They tend to have purple, yellowish or green tones and disappear as the days go by, depending on the size and type of trauma.

In addition to bruises, the lack of vitamins can lead to the appearance of these bruises in the event of minor blows, since the lack of nutrients in the vein and artery tissues makes them more sensitive to the least impact.

These natural remedies can help soothe and heal children's bruises:

- Arnica: it is the star product against bruises, it is a natural and effective remedy that is used for its anti-inflammatory and pain reliever effect. It is applied directly on the hematoma.

Apply ice:always wrapped in a towel or cloth, as it helps to eliminate inflammation and reduce pain.

Aloe vera: Helps reduce inflammation or the effects of blows, applied with a light massage.

- Onion: applying a slice of onion will prevent the bruise from appearing as it stimulates blood circulation, just like potato slices.

- Lemon: Soak a cloth in lemon juice and salt and apply it for 20 minutes on the bruise.

- Apple vinager: applied directly on the hematoma with a light massage, in this way the blood packed in the wound circulates better.

- Parsley It is also very popular for treating bruises due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. You just have to chop it and apply it directly to the area.

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