7 life lessons the Dumbo movie teaches kids

7 life lessons the Dumbo movie teaches kids

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Do you remember the little Dumbo? We have all seen this movie during our childhood (or during our children's). It tells the tender story of a baby elephant that is born into a circus family with very, very big ears ... Why are we talking about Dumbo? Well, because this story goes beyond what it seems at first glance. We share with you some life lessons the Dumbo movie has taught us. You will want to see it again and again!

Let's remember a little that, although you may have seen this movie several times or read its story in a book, you may not remember it completely.

Dumbo is an elephant different from the others, something that everyone realizes as soon as he is born. He has huge ears, which is why those around him decide to reject him. Moreover, it is treated in a derogatory way and is ridiculed on more than one occasion only just for the sake of looking different. The little animal feels lonely and sad, he does not understand why others do not want to be his friends.

It must be said that not everyone treated him like that, his only friend was a mouse named Timothy, who helps him see that not everything around him is bad. Perhaps that is one of the most important lessons we can learn from Dumbo, don't you think?

The life of our little great friend Dumdo takes an unexpected turn when, suddenly, he discovers that thanks to those large ears he can fly. An elephant that can fly? That is, without a doubt, a great claim for the circus to which it belongs. And so goes the life of this adorable elephant, who goes from being marginalized by others to being the great star of the circus that nobody wants to lose. What can we learn from the life of Dumbo? Let's see it!

If we unravel this story little by little we see some very valuable lessons, full of positive values, that we have to keep in mind and transmit to our children.

1. Loving us as we are
Do you know that phrase that says that if you really don't love yourself, no one will? Well, it is just the first lesson that Dumbo has taught us, that of knowing how to love ourselves as we are. Dumbo has big ears, what difference does it make? He has to love and value himself just as he is so that others do the same. Self-love must never be lacking, a clear message that we have to teach to the smallest of the house to reinforce their self-esteem.

2. Appearance is not what really matters
It doesn't matter if you have big ears, a small trunk, or small eyes, no one is perfect. The inner aspect is neglected when you have a big heart like Dumbo's, who all he wants is to give and receive love and please those around him. Isn't that also our point of view?

Children often feel insecure because of their appearance or because someone at school has told them that they are "ugly." Stories like Dumbo's help them see that what's important is inside each of them.

3. Value friendship
When Dumbo believes that all is lost, his friend Timothy the mouse appears who encourages him and gives him the love he needs. Friends are a great treasure to take care of. Showing children that friendship is very valuable with facts and examples is the task of parents and teachers.

4. Discover what is special in each one of us
Dumbo does not look beyond his big ears, he thinks that since he looks different from the others, nothing is going to go well for him and he completely forgets to know himself and to know what are the capacities that make him special and only.

Encourage your son or daughter to value what they are really good at, that skill in which they excel and try to enhance it as much as you can.

5. Don't listen to foolish words
Like Dumbo in the movie, boys and girls at some point in their lives can be the center of ridicule and silly words. Strengthening their self-esteem from a young age, making them see that they do not have to pay attention to these things and giving them the mechanisms with which they can defend themselves, such as going to the teacher or telling them at home, will make them feel much more secure and handle this type of problem well. situations.

6. The value of effort
Dumbo has the uncanny ability to fly, but he doesn't have to put the effort aside for that. It is with effort and work that we can achieve everything that we have set out to do. Another great life lesson that we have learned thanks to Dumbo and that is well worth teaching our children.

7. Be positive and think that something good comes after
Everything seems lost, nobody loves little Dumbo but, suddenly, he discovers that he can fly and everything becomes kinder to him. As much as we see everything in a dark color, we must try to be positive and think that something good comes after it.

And you? What lesson from Dumbo would you add to the list?

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