Heartwarming letter from a girl with Asperger syndrome who is bullied

Heartwarming letter from a girl with Asperger syndrome who is bullied

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"Never change the way you are." This is the strong message that a girl with Asperger syndrome who suffers from bullying has wanted to write in an exciting letter that makes the hair stand up and that the young woman has written as a result of a job for the Valentine's Day.

We do not know the name of this young woman who lives in a small town in northern Spain, but we do know that she is 15 years old and that she always says that she is "happy", although her mother knows that she has a horrible pain inside.

T.G., as we have identified her, has been diagnosed at age 7 with Asperger syndrome, something that has conditioned his school career. This young woman has difficulties relating to the rest and this has been the unjustified and incomprehensible reason why some classmates from the institute "have decided" bullying her: stick a gum in her hair or speak negatively about her in her presence, but without naming her.

His reaction to these attacks is to ignore them: "I pass them, they are very immature, Mom," he tells his mother, but she knows that it is not. Her mother says that T.G is a girl who does not know how to defend herself and who finds it difficult to start conversations with girls her age because the topics they talk about, fashion and boys, she is not interested in anything.

A few days ago, on the occasion of a work commissioned by the teachers for Valentine's Day under the title 'To love you, love yourself', T.G. wrote a letter that left all the teachers and staff of the institute speechless.

The letter, written in the second person, has made it possible to give greater visibility to the thoughts of many boys and girls who, like T.G., are Asperger syndrome and, unfortunately, they suffer the ridicule and insults of their fellow students.

Next, we invite you to read the full letter from T.G. It will thrill you and make your hair stand on end!

"For the most important person in this world: without you this world would be just a sea of ​​boredom. You are the solution, you yourself are your answer and your solution to all your problems.

For someone special that everyone needs to understand you, you who try 100 times more than others to achieve success, for all your important qualities that define you as you are, you don't need to do much to get that every day of your May life be a great day in which all your optimism is reflected by your big smile.

To you who, thanks to your great imagination, manage to create interesting stories, peculiar characters; you who always encourage yourself, you don't need much to get a smile from everyone, that despite what you have you are not left behind because you can achieve what you propose, that you encourage others like you to enjoy their flaws because you know they never had them.

That you encourage your colleagues when they say they are doing it, they do it or they did it wrong, but you know that this is not true, that you applaud not because something did not come out, but because they tried and it did not work out, but with a bit of determination sure they get it.

You who never thought that saying with your great sincerity others would not like it. You find it a bit difficult to make friends, but you still try to be yourself. You who never cared what others thought of you, that you do not care about the criticism you receive about what you do, that you do not give a damn what they think of you, because you yourself know that they are very wrong because YOU are you and not what others wish you to be.

You don't care about criticism, because you know they don't really know you. You, who know what your magnificent qualities are: your kindness, your tolerance, your optimism, your desire to explain to everyone how wrong they are to judge me without really knowing you. For you, even if you fail an exam, you keep your optimism and your positivity because you know that even if you fail, you can make an effort to pass another exam.

For your desire to change the way of thinking of some ignorant people. You who do not like when they mess with someone, who do not like how they treat those who have the same as you. To you who do not want to change your ways of thinking, who deserve a big applause for being who you are. To you who greet everyone when you get to class, you would like to ask everyone "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN MY PLACE?" To you who would not change your tastes for anything in the world.

NEVER CHANGE YOUR WAY OF BEING. You can get what you set out to do. CHE UP, YOU CAN!

Your best friend: your subconscious. "

Undoubtedly, some lines that suppose a message of encouragement for those who, in their same situation, feel that they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. And a letter that teachers and parents should keep in our memory and in our hearts as an example of improvement and strength.

Against him bullying or the school caseWe, parents, teachers and students must remain united. To end this type of abuse, nothing better than to prevent it and detect it in time. Here are some tips!

- It is important detect bullying from the early stages, in this way we will prevent it from perpetuating over time and increasing the intensity of harassment actions.

- If you notice that your child has changed his behavior, refuses to go to school or personal belongings disappear, talk to him or ask to meet with a teacher.

- Both parents at home and teachers at school must develop attitudes of rejection of bullying. According to the ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk), 80% of students believe that the mobilization of their peers is one of the most effective measures to stop bullying.

- Another measure to take would be promote and transmit values ​​at home and at school such as respect for others, solidarity, tolerance and equality.

- To help a child who suffers bullying is important boost your self esteem. Try to make the child feel loved and valued at all times.

- Teach him that there are situations that cannot be overcome and that there is limit. If you notice that a classmate is bullying another, you need to report it to a teacher immediately!

- And of course, show him that violence is not the solution to any problem. To achieve something, you do not have to resort to this type of behavior.

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