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Children put too much toothpaste on their toothbrush and it can be dangerous

Children put too much toothpaste on their toothbrush and it can be dangerous

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Every night the same: homework, dinner, teeth ... and bed. And despite the fact that every day is repeated in the same way, brushing your teeth is still one of the most tense times for many families. Lazy children who do not want to stop watching the movie to brush, children who want their dental hygiene to depend on a single quick and bad brushing ... To have a clean and healthy mouth every detail counts: from how long the brushing lasts to the brush condition. And how much toothpaste should the little ones use? According to a study, children put too much toothpaste on the brush, which could be dangerous for your oral health.

It seems that parents insist that our children put toothpaste well on the brush, since we assume that this way they will brush their teeth better. However, in this case more is less. According to the study "Use of toothpaste and toothbrushing patterns among children and adolescents -United States 2013-2016" published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 38% of children between the ages of 3 and 6 use more toothpaste than recommended.

It would be worse if they took less paste than the guidelines, we might think, since it would not get the teeth to be clean. However, when talking about children, it is important not to go over the recommended amount. The problem is that the little ones are still developing the swallowing reflex and they could end up swallowing too much toothpaste.

Toothpaste products are not intended to be swallowed, so the child could ingest a high amount of fluoride, one of the ingredients that most pastes contain to prevent cavities. And this organization warns that too high an intake of fluoride can cause changes in tooth enamel such as discoloration and pitting.

So how much toothpaste should kids use based on their age? Based on the recommendations of the CDC:

- Children under 3 years old should use an amount the same size as a rice grain.

- From 3 to 6 years old, the amount of toothpaste should never exceed the size of a pea, that is, 0.25 grams.

- From the age of 6, a larger quantity can already be used, since children have already acquired the ability not to swallow toothpaste. It could be increased, to a portion similar to the size of a large chickpea.

On the other hand, this body advises that children start using fluoride toothpastes from the age of 2.

Before finishing, we could not stop listing some tips to achieve proper tooth brushing of children. Applying them is essential to guarantee good oral hygiene in childhood. By the way, many of them affect adults too, so ... apply the story and set an example!

1. Make brushing time fun
One of the skills parents need to hone is to make even the most boring and routine part of the day fun. And it is that, if we present to children brushing their teeth as something funny, they will be less lazy to carry it out and, little by little, they will create a habit. You can play to make funny faces while you brush your teeth, to mimic, to listen to a song proposed every day by a member of the family ...

2. Brush your teeth together
If you brush your teeth as a family, you can make sure that your children have reached all areas of the mouth and that they have done so with the right amount of toothpaste and for the necessary time. Still, it doesn't hurt to check their mouths from time to time to make sure no strange visitors have appeared.

3. There is no excuse not to brush your teeth
Not when we are very tired nor when our head hurts ... You have to brush your teeth 3 times every day: when you get up, after eating and before going to sleep.

4. Avoid sugars
Family health will appreciate it, but also teeth. The sugar found in foods like soda or candy can damage enamel and promote cavities.

5. Change the toothbrush!
Find a toothbrush that adapts to the size of your children's mouths and change it every 3 months. Always in perfect condition!

6. Visit your friend the dentist
Visit the pediatric dentist as often as he or she recommends. The monitoring of this specialist in children's teeth is essential to locate problems in time and avoid much suffering.

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