How to dress children in summer

How to dress children in summer

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In summer, it is essential that we adapt our children's wardrobe to the new season. A general recommendation to get it right with the amount of clothes we should put on them is to follow our own thermal sensations: put them light and loose clothing when it is hot and have a jacket available in case it gets cold in the first or last hours of the day.

Newborns or babies of a few months should not be kept more warm than us necessarily, although we have to consider that their mobility is still reduced and they must also be in the shade and, therefore, they will feel less heat than us, with which perhaps sometimes we have to cover them with a lullaby, put socks on their feet or put a little jacket on them.

But what you have to avoid at all costs is that they sweat or are congested. It is likely that when the baby experiences too much heat, he will cry or appear listless, in those cases we must remove his clothes, give him liquids (if he is breastfeeding, give him more shots) and refresh the skin.

We must be especially careful with sudden changes in temperature due to air conditioning in shops and cars, sweat can be cold and cause chills and colds. Therefore, we must always be provided with some extra garment, especially with children under one year of age who have not yet moved from the cart. For children, the ideal is that we use garments made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, which let the skin breathe and which provides them well-being. Bodysuits or undershirts should be avoided, as being tight to the skin will provide much more heat.

The child's skin and head must be protected at all times from the damaging effects of the sun that can cause: sunstroke, burns and heat stroke. Shorts, cool dresses and light-colored, light, wide and comfortable cotton t-shirts are the most recommended garments for the hottest days of the year. In the same way, we have to protect their heads with caps or hats and choose suitable footwear, preferably open, made of leather or canvas to avoid sweat and the proliferation of fungi.

At home we must maintain a comfortable temperature, lowering blinds and closing facade windows that give the sun and ventilating at night, and if we decide to leave them in a diaper or with underwear, we must take care that they are not exposed to drafts that can cool them . With young children, it is best to stay protected from heat and sun, preferably during the central hours of the day.

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