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Easy recipes for Valentine's Day

Easy recipes for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day It is an occasion to show our affection and our love, both towards the couple and towards our children and friends. And the best way to do it is with a homemade gift that the children can participate in. Those candy recipes easy for Valentine's Day, they are an activity that they will love to do. Children will enjoy making these simple recipes, for bread or cookies, that you can make together to celebrate this romantic party. It is also a nice touch for expecting moms these days.

February 14 is the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day. This holiday has been extended as a world day to express our love to the couple and even to the family.

Parents know how difficult it is to maintain the passion and romanticism of the beginning, but with the help of our children we can make very nice details to celebrate this day with family and friends.

Kids will love preparing these fun and easy recipes, shaping heart loaves or cookies, and assembling a surprising cake like Red velvet, typical of this day. You can adapt your favorite recipes to give them a romantic touch by making a heart-shaped cake or cookies, you can include chocolate, cinnamon and other flavors.

Valentine's recipes for kids

Homemade romantic cake. As February 14 is a very sweet day, we suggest you bake a delicious chocolate sponge cake with a raspberry heart for Valentine's Day.

Cake pops for Valentine's Day. How to make red cupcakes or cake pops for Valentine's Day. Recipes for the whole family for Valentine's Day. Step by step to learn how to make cake pops for Valentine's Day.

Heart muffins. On Valentine's Day or any special occasion you can prepare these heart-shaped buns, we offer you the step-by-step recipe to make with the children.

Sponge cake filled with jam. Turn a simple cake into a very special cake for Valentine's Day or another special occasion, a recipe for heart cake with chocolate and jam to cook with the children.

Glass cookies with caramel. The glass cookies offer a different and original look, you can make them in the shape of a Valentine to give as a gift, the children will find them very fun !.

Red velvet cake. The Red Velvet cake is very typical on Valentine's Day, but you can prepare it at any party to surprise children and adults. We teach you how to make, step by step, the Red Velvet Cake so that you can surprise your children. Apart from the beautiful presentation it has, this cake is exquisite. Your children will love it.

Heart-shaped filled cookies. Celebrate Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day or any special occasion with these heart linzer cookies We explain the step by step of an easy and colorful recipe to make with children.

Chocolate lollipops. These original and delicious chocolate lollipops are a spectacular sweet to give for Valentine's Day to someone you love, to put at a birthday party or simply for those who like chocolate.

Fondant cake for mom. Video on how to decorate a heart-shaped cake. An easy recipe to make with children and give as a gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or any other celebration.

Butter cookies. Easy shortbread cookies to decorate the Christmas tree. How to make Christmas cookies with children. Christmas cookie recipe to decorate the tree with the children.

Heart dumplings. Recipe for dumplings stuffed with tuna to celebrate Valentine's Day. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe to make for children's lunch or dinner.

Valentine's chocolates. On our site we suggest you make your own box of chocolates at home. Some white chocolate bonbons with raspberries and biscuits that, in addition to being precious, are a delight. Be careful who you give them to, they can cause addiction, kisses and hugs. Happy Valentines!

Savory recipes. 12 homemade recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day with children. Easy salty recipes to surprise loved ones on such endearing dates as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. our site has prepared heart-shaped savory recipes.

Cheese and tomato quiche. How to make a cherry tomato cheese quiche. our site offers us a recipe that can be a precious gift for Mother's Day, if our children prepare it. A good option for Mother's Day.

Sweet recipes. 18 easy and sweet recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day with children. Delicious recipes, with a heart shape to also celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or another celebration. Homemade recipes so that we can all express our affection and love to loved ones.

Flower-shaped cookies. Giving flowers on February 14 may sound typical, so let's give this idea a touch of originality. We suggest you make bouquets of flowers ... but biscuit! They are simple and delicious. Flower-shaped cookies recipe for Valentine's Day

Valentine's muffins. Love is a sweet and very intense feeling, as intense as the color of the muffins that we propose to bake. These are very romantic Red Velvet and Cheesecake muffins.

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