How to stop sibling bullying

How to stop sibling bullying

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There are many people who think that bullying is when bullying occurs at school. Unfortunately, bullying is true that it can occur in the school environment, but it can also run in families.

In a family with siblings, it may happen that one or more siblings physically or emotionally harass another of them, being a day-to-day torture for the victim in their own family environment.

If some parents realize that at home the siblings are making life miserable for another, the feeling can be really disconcerting, how is it possible that this happens at home? In some cases there may be feelings of guilt because they do not understand what they have done wrong in the education of their children, but feeling guilty is not the right way.

As soon as it is discovered that something strange happens, it is necessary to take steps to have the bullying between siblings as soon as possible.

1. Stop aggressive behavior. Aggression must be stopped immediately: name calling, fighting or any demeaning behavior is aggression and should not be tolerated. An adult should step in immediately and talk to the children.

2. Hold them accountable for their actions. A stalker should know that stalking is a choice and not a necessity. Regardless of the child's reasons for his actions, he should be responsible for the things he does or says.

3. Avoid jealousy at home. Eliminating jealousy inside the home is complicated because in many cases parents are not sure what triggers the jealousy. It is best to have a chat with your child and find out what is bothering him.

4. Teaching and learning as keys. A father or mother should be a good role model for their children. But in some situations, parents can be good examples and the child takes a different path (due to other influences such as friends or environment). It is necessary to teach children to respect others, work on Emotional Intelligence from home, teach what it means to be a family and a respectful citizen.

5. Teach empathy. It is necessary to teach the bullying child what it feels like when someone is bullied, so that they can identify with the situation and know how the victim feels.

6. Problem resolution. Sibling bullying can be caused by a lack of problem solving skills. They need to learn good techniques in order to express their feelings and wishes in the most assertive way possible.

Sibling bullying can be treated much easier than other forms of bullying, but parents, with peace of mind and respect, should educate their children when they do something that is wrong. It is necessary to remember that bullying is not for children in any area of ​​life.

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