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What foods to offer to a child who does not like milk

What foods to offer to a child who does not like milk

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Why is drinking milk so important in infant feeding? Milk and, in general, all dairy products, are one of the main sources of calcium for the body, a basic nutrient for the formation of bones and teeth. But what happens when a child does not like milk? What alternatives are there so that I do not have a deficit of this mineral?

Milk is the first food that the child takes since arriving in this world. According to the WHO, the baby should be exclusively breastfed until 6 months of age, at which point complementary feeding begins.

After half a year, the child will continue to drink milk, but can alternate its intake with other products dairy such as cheese or yogurt. According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, the amount of calcium will increase from the 200 mg taken by at least a newborn to 1300 mg in ages between 9 and 18 years.

Consuming milk is really the easiest way to ensure that the child takes calcium because, to give you an idea, a liter of cow's milk provides 1200 mg of calcium. But it may happen that the child does not want milk. Why can this situation occur?

- They don't like it or have gotten tired of it
It may be a temporary circumstance. You can try to suspend milk consumption for a while and, after a few weeks or a few months, try again.

- They feel bad
And here we find children who have problems with digestion due to lactose or are allergic to the protein in cow's milk.

If your child doesn't like milk or any dairy product or his body rejects it, don't worry! Luckily there are a lot of foods that are also rich in calcium and that can meet the nutritional needs of the little one. Here is a complete list!

- Fish
Both the whites and the blue ones contain this mineral, but if you had to opt for a specific one, the sea bream, bream, rooster and sea bass would be the first, and the second group, anchovy and sardines. Mother's secret about the latter: if we eat them with thorns, much better!

- Vegetables
It is perhaps one of the least attractive foods for children, but they are important carriers of this mineral. Among the most prominent are broccoli, green beans, and spinach. Other options are turnip greens and collard greens.

- Legumes
In this section, those who take the leading role are chickpeas and beans (100 mg per calcium per 100 grams). Lentils should also be noted, but their contribution is lower (75 mg per calcium per 100 grams).

- Meats
Of course they should be included in the diet of children, but they are not especially rich in this mineral. To give you some ideas, according to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, 100 g of beef fillet has 10 times less calcium than 100 g of milk.

- Other foods
Egg yolk, almonds, hazelnuts, oranges, kiwis and figs are also recommended for diets in which, for one reason or another, milk or dairy products are not consumed.

It is clear that eating these foods is important to avoid a calcium deficit, but how to eat them? What factors influence the amount of calcium we receive to be processed by our body? Here these aspects should be noted:

- Way of cooking food
An incorrect way of preparing food can cause the amount of calcium in the food to be lost. Whenever possible, avoid chopping them a lot and / or boiling them for a long time.

- Presence of vitamin D
For calcium to be absorbed in a simple way, the body needs to move, that is, do physical exercise but also consume vitamin D. This is acquired naturally through exposure to the sun, but also with foods such as fatty fish (fish whites), egg or liver of some animals.

With all this information that we have provided, the fact that your child does not like milk should not worry you because he will not have a calcium deficiency at any time.

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