Cute children's poem for the day of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

Cute children's poem for the day of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

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On September 8, the day of its patron, La Cachita, is celebrated in Cuba. On such a special day, you can read with your children this cute Children's poem dedicated to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

We propose some verses that speak of this virgin and of the joy and devotion that Cubans feel when being with her. Many of the families who read this beautiful 6-stanza poem will feel identified, since they also look forward to the day of the procession of their patron Virgin. After the verses, we suggest some reading comprehension questions you can do to your children after reading the poem.

Through the streets of Havana,
arrives, very close to the sea,
with long golden mantle
the Virgin of Charity.

In her arms she carries the child
with a dress to the feet,
with a golden crown
and a rosy skin.

The very happy Cubans,
with big bouquets of flowers,
they wait for their employer
between cheers and smells.

She is a very beautiful virgin
big mouth and dark complexion,
proud of her homeland,
everyone comes to see her.

They ask him with devotion
don't let the hurricane come back
that devastated them long ago
and it did them so much harm.

Virgin of Charity of Copper
patron saint of Cubans,
always protect your people,
it sure is in your hand.

Children must gradually learn to understand what they are reading. Sometimes they just put letters together and pronounce the written words, without understanding what it means the story before them. However, reading comprehension is a basic skill that must be acquired and perfected, since it is very necessary in school.

For you to practice with your children, we propose a few questions that are based on this children's poem dedicated to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

1. In what city is the Virgen de la Caridad?

2. How do Cubans feel when they see it?

3. What do they ask of the Cubans from the Virgin?

If you want to continue with your child from this poem, we propose a series of activities with which you can enjoy a lot together while reinforcing the parent-child bond and working on some of their abilities, such as concentration or concentration. fine motor skills.

- Make draws
Grab a couple of papers, colored pencils ... and draw! Suggest to your child that he draw what he has just read: the Virgin of Charity walking through the streets of Havana, the Cubans enjoying their procession ...

- Put music to the verses
A very fun game to play with children after reading a poem is trying to put a melody or rhythm to it. Ask your child what this poem inspires him and, if it were a song, what he thinks it would sound like. You will have a great time

- Make up more verses for the poem
Older children could have a great time making up more lines for this poem. You could put out all the stanzas you want, or if you are a bit bad at finding rhymes, you can make up a prose story that continues the story.

- Research about Cuba
This story is also a great excuse to teach your child more details about the wonderful country of Cuba. You can research on the Internet about its location, if your child does not know it, its traditions, its gastronomy ... Do you have a small traveler at home?

In Guiainfantil.com We have compiled other beautiful poems for you to continue enjoying with your family.

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