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Causes and treatment of back pain in children

Causes and treatment of back pain in children

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Children's backs are a very important part of their bodies. It is very robust and has a special shape that allows the body to stand firm and move.

Formerly it was believed that back ailments were very rare among children and young people, but today it is known that this is not the case and that are frequent, especially from the age of 12.

Usually, it is due to a malfunction of the back muscles and not to a disease. Back pain appears by a neurological mechanism of unknown origin, which causes pain, inflammation and muscle contracture. When the back hurts, the most important thing is to determine if it is a pain due to a problem with the back itself (that is, a pathology of the spine or spine) or a general disease that is manifesting itself in the back (for example , an infection).

In more than95% of the cases the pain is due to a mechanical pathology of the spine. There are three factors that influence back pain and they are:

1. A sedentary lifestyle, which involves a lack of muscle strength.

2. Incorrect postural habits, leading to pain-causing contractures.

3. The inadequate competitive practice of some sports.

- Rhythmic gymnastics in girls, in some cases, can cause deformations of the spine known as scoliosis.

- Inadequate training can cause imbalances in the muscles that affect the normal functioning of the back, although they do not cause deformation of the spine.

At 15 years old, 50.9 percent of boys and 69.3 percent of girls have suffered back pain. Suffering it at those ages increases the risk of suffering it chronically and suffering limitations as an adult. Hence the importance of applying proven effective preventive measures before that age. There are several things children can do:

1. Avoid factors that increase your risk of back pain.

2. Adopt the measures that are effective to prevent it.

3. Comply with the rules of postural hygiene.

4. Do sports and exercise regularly because they encourage the back muscles to strengthen and become more resistant and elastic. If the pain has already appeared, it is important to go to the doctor to make a diagnosis and offer you the appropriate treatment. It is important to maintain a positive mental attitude by avoiding limiting yourself. Faced with back pain, it is advisable to lead a normal life and move, rather than stay in bed.

Only when the training is wrong and repeated with great intensity can it lead to problems. If the training is correct, exercise and sport reduce the risk of suffering back ailments. Studies show that when you suffer chronic discomfort during childhood, there is a greater risk of suffering in adulthood.

A study in which a group of healthy adolescents and another with back pain were followed for 25 years showed that, contrary to what was previously believed, the existence of alterations in the shape of the spine detected by X-rays such as Scoliosis, hyperlordosis, rectifications and spondiololisthesis do not significantly increase the risk of a young person's back pain either at the time these abnormalities are detected or in the next 25 years. Neither does scoliosis if it is less than 60º.

The risk of suffering back ailments in the future increases when you are afraid of pain. Several studies have shown that rest and cessation of activity for fear of pain have been shown to be ineffective and counterproductive as treatments. In fact, they have been shown to increase the risk that pain will appear and last longer.

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