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7 tricks to treat nighttime 'barking' cough in children

7 tricks to treat nighttime 'barking' cough in children

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Have you heard that cough in your son? A dry, somewhat 'hoarse' cough, a cough that we colloquially call 'barking cough' ... It is a cough that is generated by an irritation in the throat, which often manifests itself in compulsive attacks and is sharpens, especially at night.

It is an intense and persistent cough that some children have at night, and that allows them to sleep well.

There is a type of cough, which can also be generated by a virus. It's called croup cough. Do you know her?

If your baby seems to cry with 'hoarseness', coughs 'as if barking', perhaps it is a croup cough. In reality what you have is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Mainly affects the larynx and tracheaHence that hoarseness and that cough like 'dragging' something. But what is its origin?

Croup can be result of a virus that ends up triggering this inflammation and therefore, this type of cough. It occurs most often in younger children, from nursing babies to 3-year-olds. However, it can affect anyone.

In principle it is mild. It can become serious if the inflammation increases and the child, in addition to coughing and snoring, begins to emit a 'whistle' when breathing. If you also breathe with difficulty, in an accelerated way, it is a symptom of lack of oxygen, and a symptom that indicates that you must go immediately to the hospital.

But this cough can also be a 'sequela' of a simple cold. No fever. Just systematic coughing fits. In addition, it is a type of cough that worsens at night. What can we do to treat it?

1. Moisten the bedroom. With cold steam, never hot. That is why it is not recommended to generate steam by heating water on top of a radiator. It is better to use a cold humidification system.

2. Let the child sleep slightly upright. To do this, simply tuck folded towels or cushions under the mattress, only at the top.

3. Half an onion on a plate. It works, and it works because the onion causes the airways to widen.

4. An infusion with thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus and a little honey. Honey softens the throat, and rosemary and thyme have disinfectant properties. Eucalyptus is good for the respiratory tract. You can also put this infusion near where he sleeps, so that he breathes it.

5. Make a honey syrup with lemon juice. You can give it to him little by little throughout the day. Honey calms irritation and lemon exerts an antiviral and antibacterial action and increases the defenses.

6. Dark chocolate it is good against cough. Take advantage of! One ounce of chocolate is enough before bed.

7. Avoid dairy before bed. If your child has phlegm, this will make it thicker. Increase fluids. A soup is the best before going to sleep.

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