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Novel and effective therapies against childhood dermatitis and psoriasis

Novel and effective therapies against childhood dermatitis and psoriasis

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Do you know what are the most common skin conditions in children and babies? If you are a mother or father, surely more than one sounds familiar to you ... Childhood eczema, dermatitis, burns and childhood psoriasis top the list of these pathologies.

The current treatments that doctors recommend are usually very effective, however, we want to tell you that science advances so fast that there are already Novel and effective stem cell-based therapies to cure these types of skin conditions. These are techniques for the most complicated cases in which the usual treatments take longer to have the desired effect. Keep reading and you will leave doubts.

If your child has dermatitis or atopic skin, the doctor will send him a cream and advise you to use a “soap-free formula” product for the bath. If you have eczema, he will prescribe an ointment and if he has been injured by a burn, he will have to evaluate the treatment to follow depending on the extent of the wound. As we told you before, all these methods are very effective but, Do you know that there are cell therapies that go one step further? They are also indicated for the most complicated conditions.

We talk about preserve newborn umbilical cord blood, a topic that is on everyone's lips lately. And it is that from here to a time, stem cells they are one of the most frequent objects of study of scientists around the world. If you have recently become a mother, surely you have learned what it would mean to keep the umbilical cord blood in a private bank or you have considered the option of donating it for study, something that is already done voluntarily in many hospitals.

Let's see in a little more detail how stem cells are also suitable for healing the skin of babies and children.

1. Childhood eczema or dermatitis, what are the alternative therapies?

In these cases, the skin of infants and children becomes excessively dry, scaly, and sometimes red in color, causing itching and swelling. According to several researchers after conducting numerous studies, the treatment of this pathology with stem cells achieves the immune stabilization of the skin, that is, completely heals eczema and / or dermatitis in a short timeMore importantly, it does so in the most severe cases where the dermatitis becomes chronic.

2. Repair burns, it's possible!

Burns in the smallest of the house are in the top ten of domestic accidents, and it is that no matter how careful we are, children always "do their thing" ... In these cases it is also good to save blood of the umbilical cord, since if the stem cells obtained are used as therapy, regeneration of damaged skin can be achieved from the burn.

3. Childhood psoriasis, is there another solution?

Psoriasis is characterized by thick, red tissue with scaly areas called plaques. This pathology can affect the child in his childhood and also in his adult life. The good news is that more and more remedies are finding the solution to mitigate or completely end this problem.

As the scientists cite, the potential of stem cells to treat psoriasis in children and also in adults it is excellent since this cellular treatment repairs the affected areas of the skin and helps to prevent lesions from recurring.

Now you know how the most common skin conditions in babies and children can be treated thanks to umbilical cord blood. Would you put them into practice with your children?

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