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Day of Saint Abelard, February 9. Names for boys

Day of Saint Abelard, February 9. Names for boys

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Abelard It is a name for a boy of origin and meaning somewhat complicated. Most coincide in classifying the name as a mixture of Hebrew and Germanic, related to the boy's name. Abel which means 'son'. For its part, its Germanic component would give it the meaning of 'strong'.

Either way it is a name with character, ideal for your child. He celebrates his name day on February 9, which is the day of San Abelard.

The name Abelardo implies a calm and balanced personality. Abelardo loves peace and quiet, so he is usually a reserved and reflective person, something that does not prevent him from acting in life with a high degree of pragmatism. And it is precisely this characteristic that makes Abelardo an essential person in his group of friends and in the family nucleus.

With hardly any variations in other languages, since its form in English and French is Abelard, your child's name is recognized all over the world. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, and in recent years its variant Abel has been preferred, Abelardo is a name that exudes dignity and height, presupposing the class and charisma that accompany it.

The name of your son is interesting because of the relationship it has with that historical figure of the twelfth century, Pedro Abelardo, a philosopher, theologian and great troubadour who narrated his tragic love affairs with Eloísa set in the France of the Middle Ages and whose poems were devoutly studied during the Renaissance.

But closer to us are characters named Abelardo, such as the one who was a FC Barcelona footballer at the time of Johan Cruyff's "dream team", or the Argentine writer Abelardo Castillo, founder of the prestigious literary magazine "El scarab de oro" who with the pens of Julio Cortázar, Juan Goytisolo or Alejandra Pizarnik among others.

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