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Saint Gilberto's Day, February 4. Names for boys

Saint Gilberto's Day, February 4. Names for boys

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Gilberto is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the famous archer', which carries all the tradition of Norse legends. It can be an ideal name for your baby, since it is not a very frequent name and, despite its origin, it is not an old-fashioned name, but an original one.

He celebrates his name day on February 4, which is the day of Saint Gilbert.

The name Gilberto implies great strength of character. He has an overwhelming and dynamic personality, which makes him perfect in social relationships. Of great sympathy, Gilberto also has a helpful character and the spirit to help those around him. He also has a great willpower that leads him to achieve success on most occasions.

Although Gilberto is not one of the most frequent names in our country, it is more common outside our borders. Thus we easily recognize its English or French variant in Gilbert, also used as a surname. In any case, it is a very well-known name in other countries, which will give your child a certain international touch.

Apart from the saints named Gilberto, we know several artists with the same name as your son, such as the Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil and the Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa.

In addition, Gilberto was the name chosen for one of the most devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico in the 1980s.

However, Gilberto is better known as a surname than as a first name. This is the case of the American writer Elisabeth Gilbert, author of the novel on which the Julia Roberts film “Eat, pray, love” was based. And it also reminds us of the fictional character from one of the most successful vampire series, the protagonist of "Vampiric Chronicles", Elena Gilbert.

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