Tips for parents of children with fear of school

Tips for parents of children with fear of school

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The fact that there are children who do not want to go to school is normal. We can say that a large proportion of children have a hard time coping with the school routine.

For children the change from being at home to going to school is very important. They feel older, and even more, they notice that for us they are no longer the babies that we had to protect at all times. This may be one of the reasons why the child is reluctant to attend school and shows fear. What we know as the peter pan syndrome: the child does not want to grow up.

Children's fear of school, especially at an early age, comes from several causes:

- Losing the series of privileges that the child had for being a baby is not easy for children. But, if this is the case, it is very easy to fix. All we have to do is see that being older is not a bad thing, but has many advantages. If the child does not understand, it will be enough for us to treat him like a baby in everything for a weekend. The child will want to continue growing and doing the things that he really likes now.

- Attachment is a very good thing for humans. Children obviously need their parents, but it is very important that they learn that they must go on living part of their life themselves. His parents will be there after the school day is over.

- Nursery is a good option for children who are not used to dealing with other children. The attention they receive is much greater than at school and also the schedule of activities is more flexible. With what the nurseries is a good place for the child to get used to.

- If we have not been able to take him to the nursery, we have to take it patiently because the adaptation period may take a while.

- To help him, we must expand the activities to which he goes alone, but as long as they are attractive to the child.

- It is very important that never give in to their blackmails, as it will be a step backwards and we will complicate the situation even more. Normally children understand it but when they are alone they do not reason. Although it seems a horrible situation to us. The truth is that once they are in school, the child gets used to it and even enjoys it. The worst moment is when it arrives.

- If you have had a bad experience at school and do not want to go, it is very important to talk to the teacher as soon as possible. Only she can give us a point of view that we will never have otherwise. The work has to be joint to get to know the reasons that are producing it, and thus be able to attack the root of the problem.

- If the child does not want to go to school after the holidays, you have to be understanding, it is very normal. After a season with a change in routine, it is difficult for anyone to return to work. It usually goes in person and unfortunately for those who find it difficult to return from vacation as a child, it will also cost them as an adult. We must be strong and endure because in a couple of weeks the child will return to what he was.

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