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Childhood food allergies are now cured

Childhood food allergies are now cured

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A week before going back to work, my sister-in-law began to remove my niece's breast and try to get the girl to get a taste of the nipple. At first, the objective was mission impossible, the girl was very smart and did not accept that new way of eating.

Replacing the breast for a bottle is an adventure for moms and their babies when they struggle to reconcile work and family life. But going from the nipple to the nipple was not the worst in this case. The substitution of formula for breast milk did not sit well with the girl. Within days, her pediatrician diagnosed that she had an allergy to cow's milk proteins.

Expressing and freezing her own milk was the first step, then she started buying a type of milk with a special formula, and when she was one year old, and tasting the egg, she started over. The allergy to milk and eggs led to a transformation in the eating habits not only of the girl, but also of the family in general, since just by touching a spoon impregnated with milk or egg, the reaction appeared in that area of ​​the exposed hand skin.

In search of solutions, this mother and her daughter were lucky enough to be part of a still novel program of specific oral induction to food tolerance. By ingesting trace amounts and progressively increasing amounts of the allergy-causing food, the girl managed to overcome her food allergy to milk and eggs. The treatment is carried out individually, until reaching a normal ration for the age, which allows avoiding adverse reactions. Since then my niece has tolerated both foods and this has allowed her to lead a normal life without restrictions or serious reactions.

This treatment is getting positive results in 90 percent of treated children And, for a few years, it has been applied in a growing number of Spanish hospitals. Actually, between 2 and 10 percent of the child population suffers from some type of food allergy and experts say it is on the rise.

The most common, in order of frequency, are eggs, fish and cow's milk. And although the natural history is favorable, with a tendency to cure, in some children with allergies to foods that are difficult to avoid such as milk and eggs, the allergy may persist until 4 or 5 years of age or even be persistent and last a lifetime. Specialists warn that, in many cases, allergies can lead to more serious reactions, becoming fatal, something that can occur after exposure to a substance to which the child is allergic.

Congratulations to science that, once again, has achieved a healing method that allows children to lead a normal life and parents to live calmly, without frights due to a possible anaphylactic reaction, which can endanger the life of their child.

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