14 powerful rainbow baby girl names

14 powerful rainbow baby girl names

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The rainbow babies are those children who are born after having had a spontaneous abortion, or after the loss of a baby in the same delivery or within months of being born. They are already special children, who deserve a unique and meaningful name. If you are looking for ideas for your little one, here are 14 powerful rainbow baby girl names.

The babies rainbow they bring color to those families who have had to face such a tragic event. Now, they live the new wait with anguish, anxiety and uncertainty, but also with great enthusiasm to see their little one's face.

It is the moment to reconcile with life and think about it new baby's name the one those parents are waiting for. A baby that deserves a special name, because it will bring joy back to their lives. So if the Rainbow baby is gonna be a girl We propose a few perfect names for her:

1. Hope
Of Latin origin, it comes from the spero form, sperans: to wait, the one that waits and means hope or desire for a better future. It expresses sympathy, charm, sensitivity and liveliness. You have all your hope in it, why not give it this name?

2. Luz or Lucia
Lucia is a Latin root name that means the one who was born with the first light of day or the one that gives clarity, a perfect name for a rainbow baby. It denotes courage and strong personality. If your girl is born at dawn, you already know what to name her.

3. Valeria
Of Latin origin, its meaning is healthy and courageous. It expresses action, speed, security and triumph. It was a common name in the Roman Empire and a name with great force. How about your future daughter?

4. Victory
It comes from the Latin victorius and means the triumphant woman. It expresses success by merit and effort. It is the name of queens, like the one you hold in your arms! If you find it too long and serious for your baby, you can always use the nickname Vicky.

5. Zoé
It means life or being born, giving life. It expresses vitality, joy and concern. For Alexandrian Jews Zoé is Eve, the first woman on Earth. It is a short and original name for a happy and optimistic girl.

6. Maria
Of Hebrew origin "maryam", its meaning is the chosen one, the beloved. It denotes sweetness, patience, calm and spirituality. It is one of the most common names. Until a few decades ago it was customary to add the name of Maria to the baptismal name, for example, Teresa was called Maria Teresa.

7. Aida
It is a name that comes from ancient Egypt. Apart from naming an opera, Aida is a gift, since that is what this name of Latin origin means, which also has other meanings such as nobility, joy and happiness. It can be written with or without an accent, changing the pronunciation by marking the accent or not in the i.

8. Alba
Of Latin origin, albus (white), means dawn, dawn, that which is born with the first light of dawn. Alba is a very mystical and spiritual name, as it represents enlightenment or full knowledge. Fun fact: before this name was given to girls who were very white skin.

9. Zaira
Zaira is bright and bright like the rainbow It means that it bears many flowers and that is why in other times this name was chosen for girls who were born during the spring months. So if your due date is this season, feel free to give her this cute Arabic princess name!

10. Desiré
Desiré means desired. It comes from désirer, desirée: to wish. A perfect name for a much desired baby. Express pride and independence. Fun fact: it is a very common name in France.

11. Emma
Of Germanic origin, it means big, strong, immense, powerful. It is a name that many actresses share. If you realize it, half Hollywood has this name! Did you know that it was the diminutive of Emmanuela?

12. Zulema
It has Arabic origin, comes from the term "suleiman" and means peaceful, healthy and strong. A baby willing to bring us peace and quiet. Denotes responsibility and generosity!

12. Irene
Of Greek origin, coming from Eirene, it also means "Peace". It expresses order, work and affection. Irene in Greek mythology was one of the Hours, a minister of Zeus. Irene denotes overcoming a challenge or a problem.

14. Laura
Of Latin origin "laurus" (laurel), means victorious or victorious (crowned with laurel leaves). It takes its name from the crown that was imposed on the victors in Ancient Greece. In Greece the equivalent of Laura was Daphne, the nymph who became a tree, specifically, a laurel. A beautiful and melodic name for a girl who will succeed in life.

Any of these names are suitable names for a rainbow baby girl.. Go ahead and give it one of these significant names!

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