Sports and activities against childhood obesity

Sports and activities against childhood obesity

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One of the great evils of our time is childhood obesity. A problem that, far from being overcome, is increasing every day. Guiainfantil.com insists on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in children to prevent the large number of diseases derived from overweight.

To combat childhood obesity we have two fundamental weapons. One is a healthy and balanced diet. The other is sports or physical exercise. However, education is essential so that children do not fall into the risks of a sedentary life that seriously impairs their development at all levels.

In our particular battle against childhood obesity there are some sports that can help us more than others:

1. The sports that stimulate the resistance of children, such as swimming, cycling or tennis.

2. Are also recommended sports that help the muscle development,like martial arts or rock climbing.

3. One of the lesser known options that children love is water polo with the advantage of being one of the most complete sports that exist.

4. Although the most popular sports for children aresoccer and theskating, we should not limit children to a single activity.

The choice of one sport or another will depend on the preferences of the child because we need to find an activity that catches their attention. The child may have Doubts about what sport you want to practice and that is why it is important that we allow you to change activities and try new sports whenever you need to.

We know that finding a balance between the variety and the overload of extracurricular activities is almost an art, but our children must know all the sports options available to them in order to live a healthy and fun childhood at the same time.

To combat childhood obesity, it is not necessary to base all measures on the practice of some sport. What counts is that children stay active throughout the day until late in the afternoon. Playing outdoors, going for a walk or even habits such as getting the child used to walking to school are measures as important as sports practice.

The experts tell us that for a correct physical and intellectual development of the child it is necessary to practice 60 minutes daily of physical exercise, that is, the practice of some sport and the typical children's games. The objective is to instill in the child a healthy and active lifestyle, keeping him away from the sedentary lifestyle that causes so much havoc among the little ones in the form of overweight and also in the form of less intellectual development.

There are no limits for the child to stay active and moving, although it is recommended to reduce activity in the late afternoon to avoid insomnia. If there must be limits, let them be in the form of restrictions on all those childhood activities and games that keep them glued to the couch. But we cannot forget the influence of the family on the habits acquired by children who, after all, move around imitation.

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