The moon dies of grief. Short poems for children about solidarity

The moon dies of grief. Short poems for children about solidarity

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Educating children in values ​​is a responsibility that we acquire at the same time that we become parents. One of the values ​​we have to talk to children about is solidarity. The little ones must learn why we should help others and why we should have empathy with them. To do this, short poems for children They can be very useful, as they explain the concepts in a simple and beautiful way.

Don't miss this nursery rhyme titled "The moon dies of grief." Its protagonists are a very sad moon and a solidarity lion.

The moon dies of grief

they hurt his heart,

and bad love, they say,

buried his heart.

The heart every night

it throbbed with discomfort,

and the beats arrived

in the ear of a lion.

and perching on the sand,

he repeated endlessly:

«Its owner is the full moon!»

Looking up

the lion sought the moon,

but he only saw in the sky

an unwelcome cloud.

Asking the stars

the stealthy animal,

at last he found the heart,

now very quiet.

When you dug it up

he saw that he was badly injured,

gushing blood

flowed before the stranger.

Impressed the lion

began to lick the wound,

and the moon little by little

he was regaining life.

everyone saw her leave.

The full moon was shining

the moon shone again.

In our site We have prepared some questions based on poetry for you to check if your child has understood the message of the poem. If the child does not know how to answer any of the questions, you can re-read the poetry with more calm and attention.

1. Why did the moon decide to bury her heart? How did the moon feel?

2. What animal came to help the moon?

3. How did the lion make the moon feel better?

4. Did the moon get back to life?

The moon has been one of the muses of poets of all times. It is a very mysterious and elegant star that has inspired many poetry throughout history. We have made a small compilation for your child to enjoy with some of these beautiful verses.

1. The sun dances with the moon
This is a perfect poem to read with children before bed. Talk about the friendship between the sun and the moon, that every day they dance together for a while. These verses will help stimulate the imagination and creativity of your children and, in addition, they are very beautiful!

2. Waiting for the moon
This poetry is specially designed to be read with babies, since its rhyme is very musical and fun. But slightly older children will also enjoy it a lot! These verses speak about a slightly gluttonous moon who decides to feast on fruit.

3. The faces of the moon
Some questions can be difficult for children to understand and memorize. This is the case of the changes of the moon throughout the days. This didactic poetry offers a very fun way to learn all the moon phases.

4. The phases of the moon
Like the previous poem, these verses will help children remember the names of the phases of the moon. As if it were a game, your children will learn the different stages of our satellite. You can try to memorize the complete poetry or some of its stanzas to practice retentive.

5. The lullaby of the moon
Shhh ... It's time to sleep! Make up your own melody for this lullaby in verse and help your baby relax before bed. Lullabies have many benefits for babies, as they help develop hearing, increase the bond between parents and children, and teach vocabulary.

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